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March 11th 2008
Published: March 11th 2008
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March 10, 2008
The day began with a fitness class and Mass and if that doesn’t prepare one for the day then I am not sure what else I can do to get ready. But the programs were about to start - first was a program on “Making the Most of Rabaul.” Our stop tomorrow is Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. We have been told to expect very rustic tours - meaning no luxury air conditioned buses - in fact maybe they will not even have buses at all and we will have students as our guides and their English is not all that good. We will know when we get there. Our next program was by David Horner with the program, “Rabaul Left to Wither on the Vine.” He talked about the battles fought over and on the island of Rabaul. Then it was time to try our hand at Bingo - I haven’t mentioned it before because I hadn’t won and still haven’t. Dennis did talk our tablemates, Loretta and Ruben, into playing and then didn’t win either; so much for the Bingo News. The big excitement of the day - other than Dennis calling my sister back in the states and waking her up (she didn’t say it, but I know he did), just to say hi - then quickly passes the phone off to me. Not sure who else he called to wake up. Our cell phone works over on board the ship when we are out at sea. The ship serves as a cell phone tower for certain provider’s of service. SORRY SIS - I told him was late and proved it to him after he did that - please forgive me!! Anyway back tot he big excitement - the ship had to have a "Man over board" team go down and investigate an item floating in the sea. It looked like some sort of equipment that tracks the whereabouts of certain types of fish. There were hundreds of flying fish following the item, but don't know if they are what are being tracked or if they are just attracted to it. Pretty interesting and we got to meet all the people in the rooms on either side of us as we were all out on our verandas. Then Dennis took me to Tea - yes, I was accepted into the illustrious tea group - I think it is only a provisional acceptance, pending approval by my Mom, but I haven’t asked. The show this evening was a farewell performance by Kirby St. Romain and George Solomon. They have both been on the ship since it left Auckland but gave their first performances within the last few days. Kirby was so funny the other night and tonight as well. Tonight he decided to do a part about the first-time cruiser as they look over the bathroom in their ship’s cabin. He is a master at doing sound effects. The second act was George Solomon - he performed last night and wasn’t very good, but he was better tonight than last night. He is suffering from a cold so I have to give him a little break. Both of these guys are getting off the ship tomorrow in Rabaul so you have to have some pity for them as they will be traveling across all the little islands to get to the next ship/performance.


11th March 2008

Well it was 3 a.m.
It was still nice talking to you but no it wasn't late it was early. 3 a.m. EDT in fact!

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