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Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul August 11th 2018

Saturday Rabaul We set a 6am alarm and went out on deck 6 and up the staircase one level to go to the bow of the ship. Sailing into Simpson harbour it was easy to spot the volcanic peaks that have done so much damage to Rabaul over the years and most notably in 1994. Mount Tavurvur is active still, puffs of smoke and steam visible against the early morning clouds. Rabaul is located on PNG's north-eastern tip in the New Britain province, where coincidentally the bride price is negotiated in shell money and it is a matriarchal society. The port area is all that really remains following the last volcanic eruption which saw a triple action of three peaks erupting covering the town in ash. No lives were lost this time compared to 1937 when ... read more
Volcanic harbour- Mt Tavurvur smoking
Japanese barge tunnels
Rabaul tour guide Anna

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul October 12th 2015

This region of PNG borders on the Solomon Sea and while dotted with beautiful Islands, also has really deep troughs. We sailed over the Triobriand Trough which is 8000 meters deep on our overnight journey from Kitava to Rabaul, a distance of a little under 300 nautical miles. Did we notice the trough? Nope! Finally we turned and sailed down into Rabaul Harbour. The early morning skies had been quite ominous and we were thinking a wet day. It didn't turn out that way for which we are grateful. The other obvious issue was the active volcano to the right of the town centre, steaming strongly in the morning light. Tavurvur, or in English, 'Always there' has changed the landscape several times in the past 100 years - and we were going to the foot of ... read more
No bright sunrise today
Enough blue for hope
Entering Rabaul Harbour

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul June 13th 2010

Rabaul was reduced in size after the last major eruption - most of the town and the airport were moved out of the old caldera. This place may be one of the last frontiers (as advertised) but the people are friendly, the weather is great, and the place is like a huge garden. Roads get washed out, and 'snowbanks' of ash get put to the side - in some places the grass is just growing back. Brisbane Bronco Sunday Football, adverts for portable saw mills, and Queensland news on the TV. ... read more
The Boys
Expanding cell coverage

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul February 27th 2009

Another place for a pin, but not much to see here except an active volcano named ´Turvurvur¡'. It first erupted in 1994-95 and almost completely destroyed the town of Rabaul, not from flowing lava but because it was completely covered up with ashes. I have enclosed a photo of Turvurvur as it looked when we sailed away last evening. It was in full glory, spewing forth smoke and ashes which made the air around town most unpleasant. The second photo is of the waterfront and you can see that it doesn't compare at all to the beauty of the waterfronts in Auckland and Sydney. Most of the passengers are not sure just why the Queen Victoria decided to include Rabaul on its list of places to stop for the day. We are now on our way ... read more
Rabaul New Guinea 2

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul March 12th 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 Today was our day to tour Rabaul, Papua New Guinea on the island of New Britain. We had to wait to get into the port to dock because a cargo ship was late leaving so we were all out on the decks and noticed one of the volcanoes starting to put out a lot of steam. It was very interesting, but also a little unnerving. Again we had been told to expect rough roads, tour guides that were students and vans/buses without air conditioning. All of that was true. We were in Toyota Hiace (spelling?), which is a 15-passenger bus, and material to cover the worn seats and dust/volcanic ash all over. Our guide spoke English but very little and she spoke so softly we could not understand her most of the ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul March 11th 2008

Papua New Guinea (PNG) New Britain Island - Rabaul Arrived at the pilot station on time, 6:00 am. Waited 30 minutes for the pilot. I guess island time applies even to an island the size of New Britain, PNG. While we waited, I got a good look at Turvur-vur, one of the many active volcanoes in the area. We are on the Ring of Fire here and a caldera on the flank of Turvur-vur was spewing steam into the sky. In 1994, Turvur-vur and Vulcan on the other side of the harbor both erupted at the same time and blanked Rabaul with cinders and ash. The town is slowly rebuilding. 7:00 am. We are now drifting at the entrance of Simpson Harbor. We’re scheduled to dock at 8:00 am so I’m guessing that the authorities are ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul March 11th 2008

March 10, 2008 The day began with a fitness class and Mass and if that doesn’t prepare one for the day then I am not sure what else I can do to get ready. But the programs were about to start - first was a program on “Making the Most of Rabaul.” Our stop tomorrow is Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. We have been told to expect very rustic tours - meaning no luxury air conditioned buses - in fact maybe they will not even have buses at all and we will have students as our guides and their English is not all that good. We will know when we get there. Our next program was by David Horner with the program, “Rabaul Left to Wither on the Vine.” He talked about the battles fought over and ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul March 6th 2008

Well Welcome to the second port of out PNG time. It has been amazing time. Rabaul is so great. The area is so nice with nature and what not. There was an active volcano about 1 hour walk from the ship. There was also a nice mountain right in front of the ship. I did a bunch of early morning hikes in the past few weeks. Its great, get up early before it get to hot and go out hiking ! I hope you enjoy the pics ! God Bless BEN... read more
Crowds in Rabaul
Early morning hike

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul November 20th 2007

Hi everybodysorry about the delay of info but finding internet in papua new guinea has been a bit of an ordeal (as well as finding anything here). So what has been happening for the past few weeks, well after reaching the capital of the soloman island, Honeara, we all disapeared from the boat for several hours to get on some dry land. Even though there was not to much to do in town we found some nice spots to relaxe, and shop through a v. small market. not much to report from that city and the most interesting things to happen were the random locals buzzed on bettle nuts (a nut, which when chewed with lime powder, will give you a mild high) and the fresh water that the girls got and made into a shower ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul August 7th 2007

Rabaul, on New Britain Island, used to be one of the pearls of the Pacific. Despite frequent volcanic activity, the German colonisers, and later the Japanese invaders, had turned the town into one of the largest and one of the most attractive towns in Papua New Guinea. This reality changed rather abruptly in 1994 when the volcano Tuvurvur exploded, with little warning, completely destroying Rabaul. The town was covered in several meters of ash, and in the weeks after the eruption, the roofs of Rabaul's buildings caved in one by one... I have lived in Port Moresby for 6 months now, since January. A long weekend in Rabaul was my first trip outside of Central Province and the National Capital District. It took way too long for me to get out. Despite really enjoying my life ... read more
Volcanic Rocks
A Little Raskol
Rusty Japanese Barges from WW II

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