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November 10th 2012
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The townThe townThe town

Right after lunch
We spent a full day and night of traveling, but made it from Sydney to Auckland to Queenstown. We even registered for classes at 1am in the airport, an hour after our flight landed, minutes after getting out of customs. Stressful.

The Flaming Kiwi was the name of our hostel. Once we got to our room, we passed out for 3 hours. We woke up, got a bite to eat in town, then came home and watched 2 chick flicks back to back with our hostel friends. This English guy was telling us there was no such thing as true love so we should just give it up already. He was kinda funny.

Friday early morning we went ziplining! We coasted through the trees and saw the most beautiful view high in the mountains of the town below and the water. We got to hang upside down – Maria even got a video while she was flying through the trees. It was the best. We made sandwiches back at the hostel, shopped around, got a frapuccino at Starbucks, then went to the bar crawl at night! We bar hopped with our tour guides and one of the places was
Crazy backdropCrazy backdropCrazy backdrop

Unreal: check out those mountains
an ICE BAR! The Below Zero Ice Bar. Everything was made of ice – the tables, chairs, glasses. Our guide was hilarious – he was taking pictures of us like crazy, shouting poses we had to do. We were the only ones in there. We got a shot poured down from the ice luge. It was disgusting. The coats they gave us were actually really attractive and I wanted one. Once our toes were going numb we peaced out and made it to the club where our ziplining tour guide DJs. From there we went to another place where Maria was entered into a sex position competition against the man with the mustache from our hostel. She was flailing all over the place while her partner just tossed her around. It was too funny. We later climbed a statue. I attempted a handstand. It was a crazy night and the best I could ever ask for. Queenstown is sick!

The last day Bird and Leah had to leave early in the morning for their flight to Auckland. Maria, Melissa, and I literally did nothing all day and had one of the best days of our lives. We laughed so

Right before the steepest part.
hard our abs hurt. We just reminsced everything that happened and became the 3 best friends. We cooked a delicious stir fry for dinner!

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Hard to see
Ice BarIce Bar
Ice Bar

With Maria

With our guide!
Sex positions gameSex positions game
Sex positions game

Weirdest thing I've watched.

Of a sheep and man.
Stir Fry DinnerStir Fry Dinner
Stir Fry Dinner

Cooking at Flaming Kiwi!

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