The Alcohol shakes and a few tears

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March 27th 2010
Published: April 16th 2010
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I only had 2 hours sleep after getting in at 7am as I had to be up at 9 to pack and check out. Chilled with Tom for most of the day then he walked me to the bus station to get catch my bus to the airport. Toms living and working in Queenstown so knows exactly where he's going. It's only small but you still get a bit disorientated after only being here two nights. Had the shakes from too much alcohol and not enough sleep. Couldn't face eating anything substantial so had a skinny latte and ice cream. The latte was yuk! How can they get away with selling it?
I flew from Queenstown to Christchurch then from Christchurch to Auckland, which was only about $60 instead of a few hundred to go direct. It meant I spent the majority of the day in airports, but nothing I can't handle after this 3 month trip. I was truly worn out by the time I landed in Auckland though and was so happy to see Donna waiting for me. I'd cried a little when I was waiting for the plane at Christchurch... I honestly can't believe this is going to be my second to last night with Ellie. Please God, let me just hit "rewind" to December... just this once! I'd love more than anything to do it all again.
Donna took me back to her place, where Ellie was already waiting. She'd arrived back from Dot's house on Waikeke island a few hours ago and had also had a really emotional day. We laughed when we realised we'd both been in tears at the same time today. It seems we really have become like telepathic sisters. At the time I'd thought to ring El, but hadn't wanted to put a dampener on her mood.
I thanked my lucky stars that she was feeling hungover too and therefore didn't fancy cracking open a bottle of wine. Instead we promised each other we'd make a day of it tomorrow (our final day together) and slunk off to bed.


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