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March 12th 2018
Published: March 12th 2018
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Second note from the editor

There have been reactions from people belonging to different religious dominations, or is it nominations, about the story of Jerusalem and the birth of little baby Jesus. The Christians are quick to point out that little baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem and not Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem that he found his end, they say. They are sure the Donkey must have heard the story at least once a year while he grew up and he still got it wrong, but they forgive him as he is only a donkey. The Hindus use the Donkey’s observations as proof that Jesus was a false profit. The Buddhist comment gently that it is what it is and a group of Islamic extremists called and asked where the baby is now as they want to kill it.

There is another explanation for the Donkey’s interpretation of the story of the birth of little baby Jesus. It is likely that the Donkey was actually there when it all unfolded, when Maria and Joseph were looking for a place to stay but everything was full and they ended up in the manger. The Donkey was in the inner
circles as has been well documented. He was at least a witness if not the midwife, or even the father, although that might take things a bit too far, but perhaps we should take note of the Donkey’s interpretation of what happened and where. The bible has been re-written several times since its inception and the translators might well have mixed up the place names as that is easily done. There are many interpretations of the stories contained in the bible and this is the Donkey’s version.

Of note is that Bethlehem is also in New Zealand as well as Paradise. All this makes New Zealand a biblical country if not the biblical country as the historians could have easily mixed up Israel with Aotearoa.

In consultation with the Donkey we have decided not to accept any more comments on this particular topic.


13th March 2018

No wonder you are confused!! On closer inspection that Donkey appears to be female and in fact most probably pregnant. You may yet have one or two little baby donkeys accompanying you on this trek. Find a manger real quick!

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