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June 7th 2006
Published: June 7th 2006
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Yesterday we went and saw the amazing pancake rocks where the sea was sooo incredibly powerful, the blow hole was a bit of a let down, as it wasnt blowing due to a low tide. We watched the water swirling around and crashing against the massive rocks whcih was really cool. We then were told that the road which we wanted to take North to Nelson was closed -ahhhh so we had to head back to Greymouth and go the longer way around - i think it was because of a land slide - not suprised actually as the roads here are unbleievable - windy as hell and hair pin bends galore!

So after a long drive we arrived in Nelson and camped for the night. Today we headed off into the sunshine towards Takaka north west of nelson - we hadnt seen roads like this before, it was totally curvy for like 100 km!!! The van made it though, but developed a slow puncture - chris used his car mechanic skills to change it - the jack was tiny - but worked!!! We had a look around some of the beaches and then have headed back towards nelson, pauing at motueka for internet.

Planing a trip to the vineyards tomorrow maybe - there are some for sale - might invest hahahaahah.

No photos we are afraid as they wont load up today - will try again later!

Hope everyone is ok at home, not heard of some of you for a long time! ! ! ! ! Are you still out there?!?!?

xxxxxxxx Chramanda


7th June 2006

Really good...
Hey Chris and Amanda! Have been reading your blog from the start, it sounds (and looks!) like you're having a fantastic time. The camper looks cool, although I bet it doesn't handle quite as well as the Mini, maybe a road trip to New Zealand one day with the Mini club (praps not...) Oh well, take care, and I look forward to seeing more blogs as you continue! Tom :-)
7th June 2006

yes still here
hi all, have just returned from holidaying in the lake district had a really good time, although peter is off work at the mo with a really bad tummy has lost 10lbs in 3 days, perhaps he should breathe on me!!! Came home to a large erection in the back garden it is really coming on and bob (the builder - real name Pete) thinks it should be ready by end of month, did i tell you we are having slopey roof in the room with 2 velux windows. it is absolutely boiling here at the moment and has been lovely since last Thursday, and is supposed to be getting hotter. We are going to a bbq for the first England game on Saturday, will you be watching it anywhere? Grandma and Grandad have gone to Aunty Rita's till Friday, all is well with them, Grandad is having his eye done at end of the month - cant think of the name, you know ah just remember cateracts, and Grandma is having a boob job, only kidding am feeling a bit giddy and its 9.30 in the morning, must stop putting vodka on cornflakes. Carry on enjoying yourselves and take care. looking forward to seeing you and the slide show (should we bring sleeping bags - ha ha)
7th June 2006

Hi Amanda and Chris, its been great coming home after a hard day at work and reading your exciting journals and looking enviously on at the pictures. You are both living the dream! and good luck to you. All I can offer you is Big Brother and Celebrity X Factor, WOW. Take care x

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