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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Pukaki January 16th 2007

Along with our cheese toasties for dinner last night, we thought we'd add a touch of sophistication by cracking open a bottle of white wine. New Zealand produces some fabulous wines but unfortunately most of them are well out of our price range so the cheap Black Label wine we picked up at the supermarket before leaving Christchurch was far from the best. Flavour-wise it was quite nice actually but the way my head felt this morning made me vow never to touch a drop again as long as I live! Luckily we weren't going far today. Well, in fact we weren't going anywhere at all! We had enjoyed our time by Lake Pukaki so much yesterday that we agreed to stay on another night if the weather was nice again and it most certainly was. ... read more
My Beautiful Launderette
All Hail Mount Cook
The Pines

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Pukaki January 15th 2007

It was a cool and windy but clear morning this morning so I trundled down to the lakeside to feeding the ducks again (somehow I never get tired of doing this and the ducks don't seem to mind). It must have been too cold for the ducklings as they didn't put in an appearance this time which was just as well as the other ducks started fighting with each other over the bits of bread I was throwing in. We filled up our water bottles from a local spring and took a walk across the tussocky grassland towards a lone big rock we could see in the distance. It was a steeper climb up to the rock than we had anticipated but it felt good to really stretch our legs again after so many hours driving ... read more
Mountain Bear
Graffiti Rock
Graffiti Rock

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