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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef March 25th 2006

The glacier episode of my trip was dawning and it was a chapter in which I was seriously looking forward to... Franz Josef is a place which I have heard about from a number of people who I met travelling all over the world and being finally there was such a high! I was hyped to the max to get the most out of my glacier experience. Bods, my driver ran through all the possiblilties one could do in the small town. Sky dive (already done that), half day hike (why half day?!), Full day hike (but you only got 1/3 up the glacier) or the heli-hike (thats more like it!) That was it for me- decided I was going up in the helicopter! I mean what else would be the point if I wasnt going ... read more
heli hiking
heli hiking
heli hiking

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef August 3rd 2003

howdy hey, So we have shuffled down the coast abit to a city called franz josef. This is a very tiny town sitting at the edge of a glacier...with the primary function of getting people up there and hiking thats just what we did today. We all geared up and did a walk to what they call the Terminal Face of the glacier. This is where the ground meets the ice. Our guide explained a few interesting things along the way...2 of the most interesting being: the glacier moves 3-4 meters a day....and Franz Josef is the steepest commercially climbed glacier in the world. EXcellent! So this is where we put on our special ice climbing talons on our boots and a nice tasty ice pick.this made us all feel very official and great. ... read more
Heads up!
The gear
Our guide chopping ice stairs

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