A close shave in Tuatapere

Published: December 4th 2005
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We were randomly driving through this little town on our way to Invercargil and Dunedin and were amazed at the masses of people that were out and about on the streets. We pulled up to investigate.

Lonely Planet has the town down as 'unremarkable' and once being famous as the 'sausage capital of NZ', but it was so much more when you just happen to drive through on the same day as the town's Gigantic Garage Sale, where there were stalls everywhere, live bands in trailers and sausage butties for just 2 dollars! WOW! We were well impressed!

What's more, we were just heading out of town, after a quick bite when we drove past a sign advertising Sheep Shearing! !!!

How could we of thought to come to NZ and not plan in a bit of Sheep action????

After a screeching hand-brake turn, we headed back and pulled into the farm.

The old guy had only been running the tour for 3 weeks, but was really cool and showed us some sheep-dog action before bringing the sheep into the barn and kick-starting the shears!

Check out the photos! It was the funnyest thing in the world holding this wriggling, sweaty sheep between your legs while you shaved around its nipples with some terrifyingly jumpy shears!

Then at the end, the guy insisted on showing us, what appeared to be his prize possession - a nude male calendar of local sheep shearers in comedy positions around the farm! It's was really surreal, but hillarious at the same time! Classic.

Additional photos below
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4th December 2005

Thinking of a career change?
I'm insanely jealous of you getting to trek around all these amazing landscapes. But with the sheep shearing episode, it suddenly occured to me - you could be the next Blue Peter presenter!
12th December 2005

Crazy Cat
Sheering sheep now bro! Is there no end to your talents? Where next, Australia for some Boxing lessons with Skippy?

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