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September 3rd 2006
Published: September 19th 2006
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Spider MonkeysSpider MonkeysSpider Monkeys

Feeding the spider monkeys.
We went to the zoo for the day. Kiwi birds are nacturnal and kinda rare to see in the wild except for Stewart Island so we thought going to the zoo would be a for sure way to see a kiwi bird. We saw a couple which were in a dark room so thats why the picture is blury and dark. The blob on the bottom of the picture is the kiwi. It was like most zoo's in the states though. Thankfully I really like most zoos in the states so it was a good day. One thing that was different and very cool was they had feedings through out the day every 40min or so. One of the feedings was for the lions which you could pay an extra fee and get to ride in this truck that had a cage on the back. About 20 people and the feeder were in this cage and the lions just swarmed the truck as the feeder pushed out meat to the lions. It was a great experience. We also got to hand feed the giraffes. And see a cheeta run. It was a good day.

Here are some videos:


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I'm bad with names of birds.
Feeding LemursFeeding Lemurs
Feeding Lemurs

The one in charge is in the bucket of food.
Crazy BirdCrazy Bird
Crazy Bird

Just kept running back and forth like this.

These are mean birds that steal your stuff in the wild.
Friendly BirdFriendly Bird
Friendly Bird

This one followed us around the cage and just kept talking to us. Look at video.

Giraffes are so cool!

21st September 2006

OH MY! I would have been scared to death in the lion gage. I would think Cassandra thought it was too much? Looks like a lovely zoo. Too bad for the Kiwi photo!

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