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November 15th 2017
Published: November 15th 2017
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I had a lovely weekend with Bibiane from Haute-Savoie (France) while waiting for my tyre to get repaired. Together, we walked to the Isthmus Peak from where you have a view over the lakes Wanaka and Hawea.
We spent the next day playing disc golf, which is a mix between frisbee and golf, writing postcards and going to the Puzzling world.

In the following days (24/10/2017) I drove to Mt.Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand and to the famous lake Tekapo. Beside this my phone fell into a long drop toilet so I had to skip the Arthurs pass, which is a hike between Christchurch and Greymouth. I had to drive to Greymouth directly, where I bought a new phone... The next days I checked out the Franz Joseph Glacier doing a 7 hours hike and visiting the Fox Glacier. It's shocking when you drive to the glacier and there are signs that indicate you that the glacier was there in 1775. Now it just gets smaller and smaller and looks more like dirty snow... I was personally disappointed from that part of the west coast but I saw a sunset on the beach and that was nice! Driving through Haast I went for a 30 minutes walk to see the blue pools. Finally, arriving back to Wanaka ( 30/10/2017) I didn't really know what to do as I would only start working the week after (Yes I finally found my first job:D). So I decided to visit the Stewart Island, where I had an amazing time with Patricia from Barcelona (Spain). It was by far the best decision I could have made! The tranquility of this island with its variety of wildlife, nature and its clear blue water is unbelievable. I was blessed as I spotted yellow-eyed penguins, babyseals, blue little penguins and 2 Kiwis!!! I will never forget this moment.
I was told from one of the locals that 400 people live there but they have 600 cars. Isn't that funny?
After the Stewart Island (4/11/2017) I drove to Cromwell to get ready for my thyme picking job. The job was very hard at first as it was difficult to find out which thyme is the best one. Furthermore, it was very exhausting because you have to cut the thyme in an uncomfortable position. However, the people I'm working with and for are so lovely and this blends out these 'issues'. I work for Artemis, which is a New Zealand company that creates organic products like tea, creams, sirup etc. After a working day I was lucky to have an insight into their production of sirup that they make out of, among others, the thyme that we cut and lemon.

Last but not least I have to mention that before I started working I got to know a very cool kiwi whos name is Logan. He helped me to find a sleeping spot on a camping ground and since there he became sort of a big brother for me:D I like him very much as we can be very silly and the next second talk about a serious topic. I learnt some kiwi slang from him as sweet as (=amazing) and bugger (=shit). I also got to know Anne with whom I work and who stays with us on the camping ground. After this working week we went together for a hike and it was a good change from the regular week. Actually I got to know plenty of people on the camping ground, among others Julia, Katia, Cyril, Angela and Dave. It now feels like we are kind of a small family. After travelling around for a month, I realised that it's so nice to have good company with whom you can just hang around, laugh, share cooking skills, watch movies and have a good time. Have a common life with habits and friends that you can feel comfortable with is, I guess, all I need.

I'll finish harvesting this week and on sunday I'll normally start the Milford Track but because it snowed so much last week, and as there's a part where it's to risky to hike, the hike might be cancelled. Fingers crossed that it will work out!

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