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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Cadrona February 24th 2018

One of the things to do at Fox Glacier is to have a closer look at it. The village is pretty much dedicated to walking to and looking at the glaciers and Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain. There is another way, however, and I am not happy about it. Those that know me are probably aware of my increasing unease at flying. Its not something I let get in the way of a good time, you understand; if I need to fly somewhere to have a holiday, go to a party or attend a sporting event, its just something that needs to be endured and so I get on with it. Sometimes I’m fine, others in a bit of a funk – no real pattern. The concept of doing it for its own sake, however, ... read more
Fox Glacier
The Tasman Coast

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Cadrona March 8th 2010

If you were staying at a four-star hotel and the fire alarm went off, and someone in their pajamas raced into your room and ordered you to get out...what would be your reaction? This is the very interesting predicament that we found ourselves in last weekend, except in this instance, Jeremy and I were the ones in our pajamas, given the authority to enter guest rooms on the ninth and tenth floors of our hotel and escort people out. It was a rather humorous night. We (miraculously) both had the evening off, and were in our room watching a movie at about 10pm. The alarm sounded, and we waited a moment or two to see if it would click right back off. No such luck. Wearily we got up and joined the exiting masses on the ... read more
A Gaggle of Appaloosas
Cardrona River

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Cadrona February 7th 2008

De Wanaka nos fuimos a Queenstown la ciudad de los deportes extremos y segun dicen el primer bungee jumping. Para llegar ahi pasamos por Cardona, un centro de ski en la cima de la montaña, lo más lindo fue llegar a el borde para ver el valle. Luego visitamos Arrowtown, un pueblito ambientado con construcciones del tipo siglo 19. El pueblo nacio con el descubrimiento del oro.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Cadrona January 11th 2007

It was a long drive to Queenstown, but with a number of fun stops! First, we took a little hike to the Blue Pool, a small lake and river along the highway. If you haven't heard about the sand fleas in this part of New Zealand, let us tell you about them. They are tiny, almost undetectable. They swarm you. They bite. The bites don't start to itch for several days. The itching lasts another week at least. With the changeable weather, we were luckily wearing long pants and long sleeves, but still did not escape unscathed. We concurred with many tourists that these sand fleas are much worse than mosquitos, in their bite, their numbers and the fact they're around even during the day! Our next stop was the picturesque town of Lake Wanaka. We ... read more
West Coast Overlook
Blue Pool
Scooby Snacking

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