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March 25th 2012
Published: March 25th 2012
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Peter and John Peter and John Peter and John

Two top guys
Hi, rode down from Queenstown to Bluff, (the southern most point of New Zealands main land) and it throuw it down, the rain was horizontal, so, about 50 kms outside bluff i stopped for fuel, the petrol station is closed, sign in the door say's "STORE CLOSED SAT 24TH DUE TO DAY OFF" what the FxxK, so im in the middle of nowhere with very little petrol and no idea how far, or if there is another station on this road. Decision made keep going, well im off down the road and yeap the biker starts to cut out (bollocks was one of the few words used) im trying in vain to find the resevre valve, nooooooo the bike stops, its now hammering it down, so gets off the bike finds the valve, sorted. nooooooooo the battery is dead no charge, So the picture is, my bike weights about 300 kgs, my pack is on it, im wet through and i have to bump start it. the cows in the field opposite found it very amusing, as they were all at the fence, and i sure i could hear a giggling. Well after the 4th attempt at starting it, bang, she sprunge into life, what a relief, so helmet back on gloves back on and ready, as i climb back on the bike i catch the kill switch by accident, which as the name suggests kills the engine, (b word again) luckily enough the rain had stopped, i think, mind you it was hailstoning that hard i could not tell if it was rain, first bump and off, 200 yards later just round the bend, go on guess, a petrol station all covered in with a coffee shop next to it, talk about knowledge is power.

Arrived in Bluff about 4 oclock, cold wet and hungry, quick shower change and of to find some food, there is a bar called the Anchor does food i am informed, so finds it easy, orders the mussels, my god i have never seen mussles as big in my life, photos attched, food was great, moved next door to the bar, i thought might have a few, as you do then bed. well two guys ambush me, the usual where you from what you doing, Real gents in the photo Peter is on the left and John is on the right, top guys chatted for ages, i was given some oysters and i, with much trepidation consumed 3, very good actaully. John and Peter enquire as to my plans, i explained about the bike, ok they says, seeing you are free why not come to the races track, we own a few horses. so i did and had a great time. during this John tells me he is the skipper of an oyster trawler, so im off on tuesday working on a trawler, cant wait. As we are setting off this morning, John pulls into the pub, outside is a beautiful Triumph Speedmaster, as we walk in John shouts "i will have an export, dont know what the pommy wants (pommy being me). i say the guy behind the bar, "thats a nice bike", "cheers do you want to take it for a spin" he replys. photos attached. what an execllent 2 days.

Ta Ta for now Sam

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