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The hike begins from the remote village of Arthur’s Pass which is situated high in the Southern Alps. Arthur's Pass National Park, like all New Zealand's national parks, is run and maintained by the Department Of Conservation (DOC). This is a tough hike which will take the best part of a day for those with a good level of fitness to complete. It covers a distance of 7 kilometres with a climb of 1833 meters and although the hike is easily reached from the village the gradient is steep from the outset. The hike requires constant climbing over big boulders and gives it combination of flavors: challenge and fun. Hiking through the balnket of clouds is an unforgettable experience. This was probably the hike that I enjoyed the most of all the hikes we did ... read more
Avalanche Peak, Arthur Pass NZ-3
Avalanche Peak, Arthur Pass NZ-4
Avalanche Peak, Arthur Pass NZ-5

Well it's been a busy day, but most of my time has been taken up on either the train or the bus. Not that I'd have you think that either of these was a chore.  My early start from Christchurch took me to a packed railway station, the two deisel trains that were to pull me and the multitudes of other passanger over the southern alps and through arthurs pass were already throbbing by the time I arrived and the two luggage compartments filled me with dread as I saw my bag wedged into an available hole pushed by 2 able kiwis.  The journey starts out over the cantabury plains, which are to be honest quite flat and after the first twenty minutes quite boring, and I'll be honest I feel asleep, well it was an ... read more

Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass in the New Zealand Alps - Tuesday, Feb. 16 - Nelson and our charming California House B&B, plus owners - Ray and Janice Evans. We truly enjoyed our stay with them and they were so fun! Nelson is a fabulous town of 45,000, with great restaurants, cathedral, main street and comfortable feel. We flew from Nelson to Christchurch on another prop jet…..over the mountains. Arriving in Christchurch, we picked up our rental car - a Toyota Camry which we hope has no accelerator issues! and driving on the opposite side of the road! Of course, I am the driver, as everyone who knows, since it is best if I drive and Roy navigates or takes pictures. The drive was easy and we quickly drove thru small towns to a 2 way road ... read more
Sheep in NZ Alps
Wilderness Lodge
Wilderness Lodge

(Day 676 on the road)Hiking in wild Arthur's Pass National Park is a trekker's delight. I spent four days there (way too short, I wish I could go back); first I did a day trip up and around Avalanche Peak, and then a wild and very tough, mainly unmarked three-day trek up Goat Pass Valley, over a saddle, and back out via Edwards Valley. The coastal drive from Westport via Greymouth was stunning to say the least, first cruising along the coast, stopping to view a large seal colony and at the famous Pancake Rocks (and numerous other times to take in the great views of the rough sea, the steep cliffs and the wild beaches). After that, the drive to atmospheric Arthur's Pass Village (with a mighty population of 50) from Greymouth was no less ... read more
Keas are also enjoying the great view from Avalanche Peak
Me enjoying the splendid views from the top of Mt. Bailey
Our camp next to Lake Mavis

Arthur’s Pass Arthur’s Pass is the highest pass over the Southern Alps. The Maori hunting parties used this route way before Arthur Dudley Dobson discovered it in 1864. In the old days, this pass was beyond treacherous. Today, it is a spectacular sight of extreme civil engineering showcasing a giant viaduct, bridges, rock shelters, and man-guided waterfalls. Tranquil and fertile farmlands with herds of sheep grazing on the hillsides and herding dogs were the highlights of the mostly straight and lazy climb on Highway 73, West Coast Road. This road connects the two coasts of the South Island. It passes several climate regions, from lush to arid as it raises into the interior of the Southern Alps. I stopped at the sight of the magnificent rock formation of Castle Hill on Highway 73 towards Arthur’s Pass. ... read more
Driving in New Zealand
Driving in New Zealand

I tend to find early travel mornings very exciting, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell from my bleary eyes and constant whining of how tired I am. But I really do think it's thrilling to get up before the sun and throw a backpack on your shoulder ready to escape to another place before the daylight can catch you in the act. We were out the door at 6:30am to catch a taxi to the ferry port in Wellington. The ferry to Picton, where we would catch our transfer bus to Christchurch, wasn't as traumatic as my ferry ride to Greece, but it was lackluster and uncomfortable as always. We ran through the many levels of the ferry to find something fun, but only found expensive movies, expensive coffee, and expensive food. We all ... read more
Bush Rangers

We’ve mostly been with friends and family since our last blog which is why it’s taken us a while to get round to keeping you updated - it’s so easy to chill and chat over a meal and a bottle of wine with them in the rest periods between touristy things. Our last blog was from Hokitika (Hoe-cat-icka) on the West coast. From there we drove east to Christchurch through Arthur’s Pass which is noted for its 'fabulous scenery'. In fact, the Trans Alpine Express is a tourist ‘must-do’ because of the 'fabulous scenery'. However, we can only imagine the 'fabulous scenery' because it was pretty much obscured by rain clouds, so we took lots of pictures of wild lupins instead. Arthur’s Pass will be, for us, forever synonymous with lupins. It wasn’t so bad, ... read more
Arthur's Pass
Definitely Arthur's Pass.

November 25, 2009 We said goodbye to Geoff and Jilleane before we set out for Arthur’s Pass with Lynne. We’re fortunate she decided to come tramping with us over the next week for several reasons. First, her driving means that we’ll get exactly where we want to get today without the uncertainty of hitchhiking. And secondly, because she is very pleasant company. We drove all morning and part of the afternoon to get from St. Arnaud to Arthur’s Pass, stopping only to do grocery shopping for the next week. When we arrived in Arthur’s Pass, we figured out where to leave the car and took a shuttle the five miles to get to the trailhead at the Waimakariri River. It was late when we started hiking at 4:45pm, but we only had a four-hour section to ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Het is weer een paar weken geleden dat ik geschreven heb. Nadat ik mijn vorige bericht geschreven had ben ik naar Hanmer Springs gegaan een plaats op ongeveer 150 kilometer afstand van Christchurch. Deze plaats staat bekent om de hete bronnen waar je in kan zitten/zwemmen en ook vele nieuw zeelanders komen dan ook naar deze plaats om een dag te genieten van dit warme water. De eerste dag na mijn aankomst ben ik gaan lopen op een berg in het bos dit pad bracht me uiteindelijk bij een waterval van 41 meter hoog, het was een mooi pad dat omhoog slingerde ik heb er zo'n 6/7 uur over gedaan. Er was nog een pad dat verder omhoog dat richting de top van de berg ging, helaas was mijn tijd echter op en begon het donker ... read more

This is a tale of our swift journey around New Zealand's South Island in 2009, set to "Wagon Train" theme. It's a story of epic proportions, so kick back, relax with a drink and read on... Note: Squaw Jenny is the wife. Calamity Barb and O'l Dolly are the in-laws. Washer Woman is the wife's OCD friend & Herr Laurie is her Germanic ex-cop friend . DAY 1 - DEPARTURE. As the designated trail boss, I led the gallant explorers through the cattle crush to Jetstar check-in, where our saddlebags were tagged and taken. No problems encountered there, then we were off to tackle our next obstacle - the Duty Free Grog. My diversionary tactics failed miserably, with SquawJenny wooed hypnotically by the sly Bundy Rum merchants. I left her to fight her own moral battles ... read more

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