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November 8th 2009
Published: November 10th 2009
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EXCLUSIVE!!!!! - Feral Mike in PonsonbyEXCLUSIVE!!!!! - Feral Mike in PonsonbyEXCLUSIVE!!!!! - Feral Mike in Ponsonby

This is the man our usually unreliable source says is Feral Mike, in front of a well known Ponsonby cafe. Our source says Feral Mike never left the city and his blogs are all a work of fiction.
A man looking remarkably like Feral Mike has been spotted lurking (see exclusive pictures) in cafes in Ponsonby, Auckland, leading to a claim that his solo bike ride of Northland never happened.

Did Feral Mike Ever Set Out?

An unreliable source says Feral Mike didn't leave the city, but has been lying low until the past few days and making up his blogs by stealing information and pictures from the internet. The source claims Feral Mike's confidence is growing because he believes he's got away with the scam. As a result, he's become brave enough recently to appear in public wearing a yellow cycle helmet to help hide his identity (pictures in the past have shown him wearing a black one).

Feral Mike Defends Himself

Feral Mike broke his silence late this afternoon to deny the charge, saying he had ridden all the way from Auckland to Cape Reinga and almost back to Auckland. He stopped just before the Pakiri Hill, north of Leigh and hitched a ride with a relative to avoid the traffic on SH1. He added he doesn't own a yellow helmet and he produced evidence which he says supports
Mystery ManMystery ManMystery Man

This is the man Feral Mike claims is Ross, his brother-in-law and one of the few people who can confirm Feral Mike's claims of riding around Northland. We have been unable to contact thisman.
the fact he made the ride.

The 'Evidence'

The so-called 'evidence' includes:
* A bicycle odometer which reads 1,220 kilometres, the distance he says he's travelled in the past three weeks in Northland.
* The odometer shows a top speed of 59.4 kilometres an hour, which Feral Mike said was achieved going down a steep hill between Mangawhai and Leigh. He said he was prepared to pay for an independent test to be carried out to prove it was possible the Beast of Burden could reach that speed on that particular hill.
* He went into detail about his route and produced a map which he said showed exactly where he went.
* He produced pictures of a man identified only as Ross, who Feral Mike said was his brother-in-law and would vouch that he had ridden the road between Mangawhai and Leigh. Travelblog is trying to confirm this detail but has been unable to contact the man.
* He also provided more pictures, one of a fish and chip shop in Ahipara which he claims he visited.
* Other photos appear to be taken at Rarawa Beach, where he says he stopped for a night on

The second of our EXCLUSIVE pictures show the man said to be Feral Mike looking aggresive as he spots our cameraman.
his return from Cape Reinga. He added it was the nicest beach of the trip.

Blog Readers should 'Draw Their Own Conclusions'

Feral Mike says he will leave it to the readers of his blogs to draw their own conclusions. He said the blogs would stop now for about ten days while he regained his strength before starting the next leg of his journey, from Auckland to Wellington via Taupo where he plans to take part in the Round Taupo Bike Race at the end of November.

Additional photos below
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Mystery ManMystery Man
Mystery Man

Feral Mike claims the man in the picture arrived, 'like a low flying missile' to escort him on the last leg of his Northland excursion.
Best Fish & ChipsBest Fish & Chips
Best Fish & Chips

Alright, so the sample size is small (3)but they were so good at Bidz at Ahipara they deserve a mention.
Best Fish & ChipsBest Fish & Chips
Best Fish & Chips

Ok, so these aren't from Bidz of Ahipara, but you get the idea. Bids sell an $8 'mix' - one fish, one sausage and many more chips than you see in the picture. And the $1.60 for the pineapple fritter is money well spent - the cinnamon and sugar coating so thick it falls off and you can dab a finger into it in the bottom of the paper bag. Yum!
Rarawa BeachRarawa Beach
Rarawa Beach

On the east coast, between Kaitaia and Cape Reinga. The sand is so fine it is almost like dust.
Cock-A-Doodle Rooster - Morning and NightCock-A-Doodle Rooster - Morning and Night
Cock-A-Doodle Rooster - Morning and Night

What a din! He had no hens for company, so insisted on joining me and the only other person in the Rarawa Beach campground - another solo cyclist.
Rarawa Beach CampgroundRarawa Beach Campground
Rarawa Beach Campground

Run by the Department of Conservation, the campground is a short walk from the beach. $7 per person per night, but the facilities are limited to water, loos and an outdoor shower.
Langs BeachLangs Beach
Langs Beach

On the stretch of coast between Waipu and Mangawhai, Northland. The afternoon sun broke through suddenly to light up this scene.

10th November 2009

tough choice there mike...i always thought you were crazy to begin with so now i just don't know what to believe!!
10th November 2009

reality check
Who was that man.? News that the Feral Mike saga may have been the greatest hoax since George Bush professed to Christian principles has left a Northland man in a state of shock. "We laid on a fishing trip for him. I did have my suspicions when he fainted at the sight of fish blood, and again when he tried to turn on the TV One News that evening. His demeanour in the Paparoa Pub was also very subdued, unlike the Feral Mike of my past aquaintance when no barmaid was safe when he fell under the influence of Pinot Noir. The fact he accepted instant coffee instead of the preferred Ponsonby barrista'd latte was another suspicious factor, but his gluttony when offered panfried freshly caught gurnard and home made chips almost had me convinced it was in fact, him." It is understood the Northland man is now undergoing counselling.
12th November 2009

I am the man who Feral Mike encountered in Tomarata. I believe that he is indeed the brutha of my luvva, 'THE' Feral Mike. How do I know? He came back to our place and devoured half a cheese cake- only a man who had just cycled 1200 kms could have such an appetite. And even if he wasn't the Feral Mike we all know and love, anyone who calls me a 'low flying missile' has my backing. -L.F.M.
16th November 2009

I'm sure he's better looking than I was at that age.

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