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November 30th 2005
Published: November 30th 2005
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well well well
long time no blog everyone! weve been busy in the country travelling at far out speeds city to city. since my last post weve done quite a bit and have experienced some eventful/stressfull things.

id like to say first that ive had over 900 page views, thats right 900 since ive stepped on that airplane in canada. and i know theres been a tonne more at the courthouse that read this to, and it doesnt add up on the website. thanks guys for checking this out, it really makes me feel like im doing this for a good reason 😊

well well well
after those spectacular mountainesque places, we stumbled upon a city called Napier located on the eastern most part of the north island. on our way from the city of Taupo, the weather got worse and worse every minute heading east...not a good sign for 3 travellers without booked accomadation. we arrived and went to the first ill advised hostel we could find in the pouring rain. i mean it was just really bad, slicing and dicing our surroundings. well maybe not that bad, but the backpacks made it seem so. anyways we went on and the place really was not that nice. we got a really bad vibe from the city and felt like it just wasnt right. we quickly booked a bus out of there to a close city; Hastings, where we found more bad weather, and an expensive, last minute hostel. overall a stressful/eventful day indeed.

now now now
we took a couple deep breaths, and decided to head to the big city of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. that is where we currently are, and are staying here for 9 days, resting our bodies...but mostly our heads. weve found ourselves overly stressed with the constant packing of bags and moving around every day. im not complaining or anything, but it really takes its toll on a person mentally. 9 days should get us back on our toes, and ready for some unbelievable things to come on the south island.

whats next whats next whats next
be prepared...we have only heard great things about the south...a vast, boundless place...the place we've been waiting for......that is if we dont fall in love with wellington...and the free internet at our hostel..😊

ill post again before we leave on our ferry to Picton with some pictures and more stories. until then, good on ya, and g'day my friends and family. i truly love posting on here.

your friend, dp...and the schmidt boooooyyys!


30th November 2005

enjoi the break
hey dp , man this is such a sweet trip. it seems that this is exactly what you have been waiting for... i am glad to hear you are all in good spirits and enjoying it all. it is good you guys are taking the breif mental and physical'll keep y'all healthy...hah i sound like a mom... anyhoo i miss you guys ..keep it real..tty boys around... peace out... ~judge~
1st December 2005

hey danny its courtney, sounds like you are having a blast i have been reading your blogs as much as i can, the way you describe it makes me feel as if i am there with you..keep it up and experience everything you can.

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