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Published: March 19th 2014
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The Ruamahanga riverThe Ruamahanga riverThe Ruamahanga river

Bill in the Ruamahanga River which is in the Wairarapa. only about a 50 minute drive from home.
Hello, It's about time that I put one of these together but as I have been having a bit of the quite time, there has been nothing to really write about, or photo's to put on here. Time just seems to flash by. Since my last blog I have been at home just doing the normal every day things such as walking, biking, and a few things around the house. We have been busy planning our next trip, which we start in mid June and return in early September. All plans and bookings are in place and we can now get excited about it. We start of with a few days in London before heading to Alicante, Spain to join Chris, Hege and the girls for a couple of weeks at the apartments. From there we all head back to Bergen, and as it is still summer break in Norway for Lilly, we will spend time having fun with her and trying to entertain her while Chris and Hege are at work and Stella is at pre school. We are so looking forward to it. We leave them at the start of August and head to London to meet up with

Quite a big river and I have been surprised at how many fish we have seen.
Pam and Warwick, who fly in from NZ, and we head down to Pete and Helens near Bath, and spend 2 weeks looking around and just doing things as we think of them. Love this part of England, so looking forward to having time to potter around and see everthing at leisure. From there we head of to Fethiye in Turkey, a place were we stayed for a few days last year on the good ship Therapy. I liked it so much that I decided that it would be a great place to show Di, Pam and Warwick, and just chill out for a few days. Then on to Rhodes, another place that I thought that they would enjoy, then of to Santorini in Greece. On the way home we will have a few days in San Francisco. Then back to reality.

So you ask. How come Diane can take all this time of work. Well!!!

The big news is that Di has decided that I have had enough of the good life while she has been slaving away, and has decided to retire on the 30th of May. So for the past 2 years I have been

Bill puts a cast up. I can't believe that I haven't bothered coming over here before.
able to do pretty much as I wished and Di has only been able to join me for a portion of my adventures. This year we will both be away for 3 months and it will be neat to share.

So in preparation for us both being at home, we are taking golf lessons with Annemarie and Carrado. Its interesting and I think we may enjoy it. After our lessons we go and have a meal at Annemarie and Carrados restaurant, Saprano's. Always great.

Also I have been out and about doing a bit of fishing with my cousin Bill who voiced a desire to learn to fly fish. He has obviously been practicing his casting so I have no doubt that it won't be long before he is into his first fish. Its also very good to have company and some one to motivate me to get out and do it. Carrado and I have been doing a little salt water fishing as well, but with very limited results so far.

My other unusual thing is that I have been helping "The Paella Boys" Carrado and Paul, on a Friday night at the Cuba Market, where
Nice Brown Trout.Nice Brown Trout.Nice Brown Trout.

Bill had a bit of a practice landing this brown that took a small nymph. Only in about 6 inchs of water.
we try to entice people to buy "This beautiful Paella", "Soup in a Bun", or "Fantastic Fresh Juice". I am enjoying it so much they can't get rid of me. Gives me a chance to shout and sing about our wonderful food. So much fun. Right. Catch you later. Photos to follow. Pip/Rod

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Rainbow Trout.Rainbow Trout.
Rainbow Trout.

One of 4 rainbow that took nymphs. all very much of the same size but I did loose a much heavier one that put on quite an air show.

Bill in the distance enjoying the river.

Punching the fly out, looking for a fish.
Diane, the Golfer. Yea Right!!!!Diane, the Golfer. Yea Right!!!!
Diane, the Golfer. Yea Right!!!!

Di practices her swing. So many exercises. So many things to remember.
Ready. Yep.Ready. Yep.
Ready. Yep.

Annemarie working on her style.
Yep. Thats it.Yep. Thats it.
Yep. Thats it.

Di in full flight. And she connected. And it went straight. And it went high. Wow.

So far so good. Just wait until we are actually playing.
Well. What can I say??Well. What can I say??
Well. What can I say??

***** I'm Trying!!! I'm bloody trying!!!! Alright!!!! I feel that I may be a very vocal player.
After practiceAfter practice
After practice

Oh, a Lager. Very nice this is.
Di's meal.Di's meal.
Di's meal.

Lovely Gnocchi. One of Di's favorites.
My meal.My meal.
My meal.

I love fish. Always nice to have a piece of Salmon.

A nice serving of Duck. Great to just relax and enjoy a great meal.

Carrado and Paul get everything up and running. Right. Ready, bring on the customers.
First customers.First customers.
First customers.

Carrado serves up a Seafood Paella and Paul try's for the add on sale of juice. And me? I just watch and sing. Oh, and when we are busy, take the money.

"you have tried the rest. Now try the Best" Carrado's favorite saying. So much fun and nice to talk to so many different people
Beautiful Paella!!!!Beautiful Paella!!!!
Beautiful Paella!!!!

Trying to get a feeding frenzy going. The market has a number of foods available along with assorted merchandise. We are there from about 5pm to 10pm.

19th March 2014

Your plans sound great!
And congratulations to Di on her retirement.

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