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October 27th 2007
Published: November 3rd 2007
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Katie Broon Frae ScotlanKatie Broon Frae ScotlanKatie Broon Frae Scotlan

The Marvellous Katie Brown, stoking the glory hole.
Wangauni has been an amazing place to see and experiance. Even getting the last possible chance to take the day skiing on whakapapa (phonetically colourful, wh's are pronounced f's!) was fantastic. Unfortunatly I learned that my back is possibly similar to that of 900 year old Yoda, the difference being that I seem to lack the force needed for some smooth runs. An old injury returning with enough kick to remind me that indeed, my powers are weak, old man. This has resulted in me having to be very dsciplined to spend an hour each morning doing the excersizes that I should have been doing for the last 6 months. The joys of that for the next 6 months!

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Windy wanganui
Katie Broon frae Scolan!

At my time with the Chronical artists I was lucky enough to be given my own shot at the reigns and make a paper weight. If I was Gloop in the factory before then all my Christmases had just come at once as Karen Ellet patiently guided me through the process of how to make my very own, later nicknamed "the planet" due to its own gravitational field being generated.

I also had the
Karren ElletKarren ElletKarren Ellet

The Fantastic Karen, also stoking...
chance to get back to the workshop while with Craig. We both had a good few days back like old times in his studio making jewelley for the fashion show in Gisbourne. Ever still the master craftsman so I have put a few images of Craigs work up on display too. If any one is ionterested in his work you can contact him though me as he is still in the process of getting a website and email address.

I came to Wanganui to see a good friend. What I found was a home from home. Wanganui welcomed me with open arms and offered me itself as my home. I couldn't have even contemplated such an increadible offer. The Chronical offered me work to assist in running the gallery and there were a few spots of accomodation available too. Having left the UK to travell, I found my first real destination enticing myself away from the road to settle. Which, I could easily have done. But I knew that vif i were to come here, I had many other paths to make first. So with Craig and Amanda planning on heading up to Anaura Bay to visit friends
My paper weightMy paper weightMy paper weight

The recently debated newest planet in our solar system. Happy Birthday Mum.
for a fashion show, I knew I would be heading with them and a 'see you soon' to Wanganui.

That in itself was a bit close as Craigs car broke down on our return from the Botanics! We spent a lovely luch barbque at the Botanics for an organised peace day with some of Craig and Amands friends. When we left there was the consencus to go via the beach for the veiw, we did stumble accross a wonderful beach but with quite a burning smell from the car. On moving from the beach Craig noticed the temperature gadgue right off the chart. Middle of no where, no phone reception, no houses, oh dear.

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Break down

After 20 mins, lo and behold but who should drive past but a retired mechanic! Coincidence huh? He annalised it, decided it was whucked and drove with us to the neasrest house where we waited for the AA. It did give me the chance though to see just how the animals and wildlife differe here from back home. I was amazed to see red sheep and blue cows!

Ka kite anō

See you again

Additional photos below
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Ella at the BotanicsElla at the Botanics
Ella at the Botanics

Colour accented shot of Ella with the dyed red flag. Do you hear the people sing?

The old faithfull, a blown head gasket.
The HoggettThe Hoggett
The Hoggett

A cousin to the sheep, the Hoggett comes with no added colours or preservatives
The Hoggett IIThe Hoggett II
The Hoggett II

As they grow, they change colour.
Blooo cowsBlooo cows
Blooo cows

Craig Winton ICraig Winton I
Craig Winton I

One of Craigs stunning peices

3rd November 2007

Beautiful paperweight!!!
Fab picture of my beautiful paperweight - and all Craig's jewellery - great to get all your travel news - hugs from home x

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