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October 23rd 2007
Published: November 1st 2007
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Welcome to The Chronicle WorkshopWelcome to The Chronicle WorkshopWelcome to The Chronicle Workshop

Colour accented shot of the veiwing platform from beside the furnaces.
This is one of the most wonderful studio workshops I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Web link:
Chronical Glass

Katie Brown, Lyndsay Patterson and Karren Ellet are three highly talented and internationally acclaimed glass artists that run the Chronicle glass studios. Craig and Amanda took me by the studios to meet their friend Katie and have a nosey at the workshop. I was in awe immediatly. At the top there is a veiwing platform that the public can walk in and watch them art work from. At the top there is a gallery wjhere you can buy work from all of the artists that are associated with Chronicle Glass. And there are some really talented people here folks.

Upon enquiring and being rather nosey, due to my somewhat restrained enthusiasm so I didnt look like a kid in a sweet factory, I was given the OK to come down and photograph them at work the next day. They get the photos, I get a day out at the factory. Look out Williy Wonka, here comes Augustus Gloop.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed (which by the way comes from the appearance of a squirrel, which with its
Work in progress IWork in progress IWork in progress I

Lyndsay, letting off some steam.
beady eyes and bushy tail looks ready for anything) I was released from my chains of Craig's Jewellery sweat shop and allowed down to the Chronicle. Lyndsay was working on a big glass bowl for the morning. So again, without trying to come accross too dumbstruck, I released the amateur photographer and tried desparately to get up close and personal without getting in the way or being irreparebly damaged by the heat and molten glass. I was in constant awe of every little twist and turn in every process that was unfolding before me. Now for two reasons i wont describe in detail how the bowl was made. Firstly i'll be writing unitl the cows come home (which interestingly or not is a late 1950's expression meaning untill the cows walk back to the barn to eat, a very long time) and more importantly, wether the processess Lyndsay used were developed by him or are commomly known in the glass blowing world, it would be like giving away Grandmas country wide famous recipe for her Baked Alaska. Even though the veiwing platfrom is there so you can see just how Grandmas makes her Alaskan, mohamed must come to the mountian.
Work in progress IIWork in progress IIWork in progress II

Gloop, Gloop, Gloop.
So, in no order of shot, the photos are a few of the best from two days of snapping away in the Chronicle, along with the odd video.

This truely is a fantastic place, a brilliantly cut gem of a place and run by exceptional people. In a town that used to be called "sin city" for its lack of anything worthwhile visiting, Wanganui has transformed itself into one of New Zealands most Vibrant artistic communities that glistens and shines above most. The proof really is in Grandmas pudding.

Video links:
Lyndsay at work
Katie Brown at work

Additional photos below
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Work in progress IIIWork in progress III
Work in progress III

A tradition that a cigar is lit from the end of the work...
Work in progress IIIIWork in progress IIII
Work in progress IIII

Lyndsay, Katie and Karen.
Work in progress VIWork in progress VI
Work in progress VI

Stoking the glory hole, as its reffered to...

1st November 2007

beautiful glass
Loved the pics Ian and great to hear about the glass studio - now I know where my paperwieght was made - makes it even more special!! Lots of love Mum
2nd November 2007

Great photos, great glass
Good to see someone else blogging their interest in New Zealand glass. You might enjoy my blog, too (nothing there yet from Chronicle, though I have pieces by both Lindsay and Karen in my collection) at my blogspot newzealandglass

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