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July 18th 2004
Published: July 18th 2004
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Mt DoomMt DoomMt Doom

I can't actually remember the real name for this mountain - I will look it up later
Well sorry for the delay folks, I spent the rainy days in Taupo catching up on the online diary thing then I have been really busy either touring or doing activities.
Not much to report from Taupo - it was just a rainy wet town and for a wee while I was worried I might be stranded there!  I did go to the cinema and watch Shrek 2 - it was cool and Over the next few days the little group I have been mucking around with from the Kiwi bus have been repeating some of the lines and taking the mick out of people of the bus who are now nicknamed donkey!!  (they won't shut up!!)  I have also been called donkey at times esp. when I have been drinking the old 'Mountain Dew' a soft drink which is loaded with caffine!!  Yipeeee....................
Upon leaving Taupo was when I started to realise why it is a popular destination for tourists.  While I was there all my activities were cancelled because of the weather but the day I left it started to clear up - and there were magnificent views across the lake to Mt Doom!!! (Lord of the Rings reference there).
Shut up Donkey!!!Shut up Donkey!!!Shut up Donkey!!!

There is a few people on the bus that are a bit like annoying donkey here - me inc.

Well I will update you soon about what happened after that in Wellington - perhaps I will send a few of you an email!!


25th July 2004

back on track?
good to hear from you again, glad to hear that unlike donkey you are not "so aloooooooone". followed up with garage- very nice and apologetic but still awaiting parts! have suggested that I write to vauxhall to complain - they are quite happy about this, perhaps will speed delivery. Have you e-mailed granny and grandad yet?****, (**** = block capitals). lots of love and best wishes from dad, mum and the cyber kids XXXXX

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