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November 28th 2009
Published: November 29th 2009
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Let me start by saying that I do get your comments on here, and I love them! I don't know if they show up on everyone's or it's just mine. Keep them coming! As you know, it's hard to respond every time, but I do read them every time. We were on our second night of camping in Mount Maunganui (main gan oo ee). We were on the beach most of the day and got pretty red on the backs of my legs. T... Read Full Entry

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29th November 2009

Loving Your Entries!
MK- Morgan gave me the link to your blog. I can't believe you are actually doing this. How in the world did you prepare for this trip? I'm in awe!!! Your pictures are beautiful. You need to post one of Karlene Jean. I can only imagine what a beaut she is. Take care. Can't wait to read more of your adventures.
29th November 2009

Skype & Tgiving
SEES! Love the blog, awesome update...soooo funny! It was great getting to see you on Skype, we need to do that again soon!!! I will dig my cam out and have it ready to set up. We really did miss ya'll on Thanksgiving, but you and Eliza both look so great, and like you are having such amazing adventures! The food was soo good, and I missed the lazy snuggling too :) We cried a little bit after we hung up on Skype, just because. It's hard to imagine ya'll are so far away, but I'm really so proud of you!!! I love you, stay safe! Hugs to you and E both!! xoxo
29th November 2009

MK---- I think y'all are being a little too trusting of others --- Do you see the way that man is looking at Eliza in pic # 0384 ? It's slightly scary for her mother. Y'all PLEASE go to a hostel and quit this camping out in the open for any crazy to come along.
1st December 2009

Kat! you are scaring me! find a place to live, stop talking with strangers. Im sure your mom is dying! ha ha poor Judy. Please be careful, i love all the pictures with the posts. My principal dragged me down the hall by my arm the other day, in front of teachers and students. nice, hu? ive got to get out of there. Austin is studying for exams but the girl and the sister wont leave him alone. Im ready for his exams to be over so he can start job hunting, im wanting to move far away!! get me out of oxford! miss you, it was such a tease when you were in Mississippi for a few months... SJE
2nd December 2009

I need to take an afternoon off work to catch up, sounds like your taking full advantage as always...Will I even see you in 2010? or has it already sucked you in? Love you and Miss you, take care and talk to you soon, oh yeah Go Saints, that is the one and only time you will ever see that, thought it might brighten up your day!
28th December 2009

You just never know who will be reading your blog! Sounds like you are having an incredible time with some interesting experiences. Love reading about it all! Ditto on Linda's comments. You two are very trusting! Your pics are beautiful! Keep them all coming!!

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