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November 30th 2008
Published: December 3rd 2008
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The Red TeamThe Red TeamThe Red Team

Partner, Father & I at the halfway changing point
Well, to improve fitness and enjoy a challenge it was an idea to do a bit of biking. The scenario approached was:
- Bike the race around Lake Taupo. That's all, just do it!!!!

On dad's B'day was the day of the race so, as a bunch of companions; Madeleine, Dad, Kerin, gym trainer Kent, myself and a total of around 10'000 others to race with!

I was for the first time doing this event on a road-bike and peddling up the first hill, the steepest one, was amazingly easy and once I was at the top I checked behind me, but and the others were only half way up. I basically left them behind and enjoyed my first road-bike experience. On hill ascents I constantly passed people going about twice the speed, went normally on the flat and then relaxed on descents. This meant that I constantly passed many people going up hills and was then passed by a few on the downhill sections. The first half (80 km) had 3 hilly sections which were so easy that I was almost scared about having been a little unsure about the validity of my fitness, or lack thereof.
Finishing CycleFinishing CycleFinishing Cycle

Having completed 163 km circuit I still had energy!
I, with surprise, ended up getting to the changeover point where Madeleine was waiting, found her had a rest and some food while we waited for Dad to arrive. That gave me 45 minutes for that relaxing and energy consuming period.

When he arrived Madeleine and I started the second half together and I, once again, found it really easy to go fast all the time. I had to wait with my brakes on several times, so I then wished her good fortune on the rest and took off again. Going past Turangi was where it was nicely flat and even less tiring than it had been earlier on. My pace hadn't dropped significantly, but then there was the long, steep Hatepe hill on the eastern side of the lake that some others were walking up. I went up as fast as I could, which was OK, but I stopped to fill up my water again. I felt a little tired, but then when walking I felt mildly dizzy so I lay down for 10 minutes to avoid the risk of having a seizure. Getting back on after that had me feeling once again great and the rest was

Crew of supporters all gathered after the ride is over
basically downhill and flat.

The absolute finish was immensely satisfying and I was simply impressed that I had completed the entire circuit without a loss of enthusiasm and I had achieved what I had wanted to do 5 years ago!

Getting over the finish line I saw Kerin who said, "well done dude, good performance" and then " I nominated you for a prize and you won". He then got me to come and have my photo taken and not long after, at prize-giving I was given a huge trophy. While the prizes were handed out 5 RNZAF planes demonstrated amazing flying shapes and maneouvers which made the crowd feel super happy.

In summery, today was an all round great day with amazingly beautiful weather, good fitness and great bunch of friends doing it all together. My reaction...?

. "Woohooooooo.........."

Now, Madeleine & I will embark on a bike tour from Hamilton to Waihi, around the East Cape and finish at Mahia Peninsula. This journey is 800 km and we'll camp, swim, hike & enjoy warm summer weather. Keep track of this on:


...as we will be updating this
Amazing Flight TricksAmazing Flight TricksAmazing Flight Tricks

RNZAF planes doing their spectacular flight demonstrations
as much as possible while on our trip.

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3rd December 2008

Congrats Stewhan - I felt tired just reading about it :-)

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