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May 17th 2008
Published: May 17th 2008
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1: Golf 44 secs

just adding the final few new zealand photos and videos. We have only 1 night left in our little van (HOORAY) - we have posted back our sleeping bags and warm clothes to make our bags lighter but it is freezing now at night!

Special note to Bonser: Thank you for the sleeping bags - although David wont ever admit it to you they were really good and we definitely needed them. Did you tell him they were made of the warmest material on earth? he has been telling me this all the time we have been in the van! David says it reminds him of the night you told him that Sasha is the 2nd best DJ in the world 😉 he is also wondering if you want to buy them back for 100 quid 😉

anyway - i wanted you all to see how good david was at golf - as we know he cant fish so he wanted to prove to me how macho he was and decided to take on the golf the video to see his swing!

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cooking poolcooking pool
cooking pool

used by Mauri to boil eggs and cook other food

20th May 2008

That Golf clip is quality :)))) Am well jealous to see and read all the amazing places and experiences you guys have had so far. NZ looked awesome Take Care Ally x

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