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May 11th 2008
Published: May 11th 2008
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Hi everyone,

We are currently in the North Isand of New Zealand (Lake Taupo) and have spent the last 3 weeks travelling the south island in a Max and Paddy style campervan (which we upgraded so we even had a shower and toilet in it - although the toilet was most definitely out of bounds for certain activities).
We have done some amazing things here;
Glacier hiking - the helicopter dropped us onto Franz Josef Glacier and we trekked around it with our crampons and ice picks.
Caving - squeezing through the smallest of gaps (even davids stomach got through) watching the glow worms butts light up as we sit in a rubber ring and float down the ice cold water in the pitch black.
Prawn Fishing - very funny!!!! Once again i managed to catch 2 prawns and David caught a big fat zero! I think all those days he told me he spent on the River Trent fishing he was actually in the pub! He was gutted, hahahahahahaha. I was then able to take them into the Prawn Farms restaurant where they cooked them for me - wow what a feast we had on those 2 prawns 😉
David with Ram the ManDavid with Ram the ManDavid with Ram the Man

Which one is Ram man?

Sheep shearing - another very amusing activity - see the pictures of RAM MAN the big ram and let me tell you, the ram was quite a man (it wasnt his stomach that was hanging down!!!!). In Kaikora we also went to the Seal Point - this is just a bit of a carpark right next to the rocks and sea, but the Massive fur seals like to hang out there - swimming and sleeping and generally looked a bit confused as to why we are all staring at them.
Skydiving - the most amazing experience we have ever had - highly recommend it to anyone - i have an awsome dvd of my jump which i will show you all when i get home. Felt a bit sorry for my instructor Alex as i screamed and swore the whole way down. I thought david was going to back out of it as the little aeroplane took off - he went green and didnt speak to me the whole way up to 12 000ft - but he did it - i think because he had no option once we were up there.
Milford Sound - we took a boat trip out and around the Milford Sound which is undescribably picturesque - we have put on some photos so you get the idea but still i think you have to see it to believe it.
In Queenstown we took the gondola up to the top of a mountain which gave amazing views of the town below us - you could then have a go on the Luge (a sort of go-kart) which me and David loved. David wasnt the most speedy and was overtaken by a 10 year old (only kidding but he would have been if there had been a 10 year old on the track)
we have visited several Thermal hot spots - Hanmer Springs, which has 10 or so natural thermal spring pools of varying temperature that you can swim in - the hottest was 41 degrees! All very nice with the snow capped mountains in the back ground. Whilst in Taupo we have visited the Volcanic Craters of the Moon - strage and erie place where the hot thermal springs leak out of the mud steaming all over the place. The place sometimes erupts and causes massive craters - it stinks of Egg!

The scenary in New Zealand is unbelievable but the weather has been FREEZING and we have had to buy coats and hats! (so when you see the photos and it looks like we have the same clothes on - they are our 1 and only coats and jumpers!). It has also rained loads, which i am sure our UK friends will be pleased to here.
The tans have now faded 😞 but we will be heading to Fiji in 1 week for my Birthday on Beachcomber island and then on to Matava resort on Kadavu for some more diving and snorkling and tanning! Bring it on!

one last comment - did you know there are around 40 million sheep in New Zealand - well done RAM MAN!!

hope everyone is well - and keep the messages coming - its nice to hear what you are all up to

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Kate and the pilotKate and the pilot
Kate and the pilot

Doesnt he look like the pilot from the film Blow
Kea - a wild mountain parrotKea - a wild mountain parrot
Kea - a wild mountain parrot

very inquisative birds that like to chew rubber and tried to attack the bus we were in. according to our Guide they were voted the most intelligent animal on the planet (according to the discovery channel)
Picture perfect!!!Picture perfect!!!
Picture perfect!!!

On the milford sound trip

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