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November 1st 2005
Published: November 22nd 2005
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Got my Jumpsuit on...Got my Jumpsuit on...Got my Jumpsuit on...

and I'm ready to go!
What a way to celebrate Halloween!!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to sky dive. I think it’s just the whole concept of pushing yourself to the ultimate edge...and jumping from a plane. Considering al the other adventurous, adrenaline pumping things I have done in NZ, I thought "what the heck, I might as well sky dive here too!" Luckily, I had a few friends who wanted to do the same, so on our final hoorah weekend, Rachel, Liz, Ngaire, and I all leapt out of airplanes. FANTASTIC!

We woke u at 6 am to call the sky dive center, in order to confirm that the weather was decent. When they said •come on over" we all hurried into the car and made our way to the jump site. Within a couple of minuets of swiping my debit card, signing the "I promise I will not sue you if I die" papers, and catching my breath, I found myself in a bright blue jump suit, attached to a harness!

I wasn’t nervous until I saw the plane we would be jumping out of. It was so miniscule...only four people, sitting on each others laps
High Five for Sky Diving!High Five for Sky Diving!High Five for Sky Diving!

At this point the reality hadnt hit me ...
could fit in the plane. I knew that I would freak out if I jumped after seeing everyone else go, so I decided to be the first one of the day.

After taking several "before photos" I got into the plane and sat in a ball on the floor. Rachel and her guide came in after my guide and I were settled. It was not until they closed the 'door' that I got nervous. The 'door' that was holding me into the plane (I was not attached to a parachute yet!!) was nothing more than a flimsy piece of plastic held 'shut' by a foam swimming noodle. I immediately asked my guide to attach me ASAP, because I was not at all interested in being sucked out o the plane without a parachute. To calm myself, I just took deep breaths and looked out at the beautiful morning scenery. Once we reached an altitude of 12, 000 feet (around a 10 minute plane ride) I was given thumbs up, and that meant "Its go time!"

At this point I was already attached to my guide, and ready to jump. He let the door loose, and the cold air
The moment has arrived!The moment has arrived!The moment has arrived!

my guide and I are about to get in the tiniest plane on earth and then jmp out of it!
rushed into the tiny plane. I could tell Rachel was not looking forward to watching me fall out! We inched our way towards the opening, and I was told to place my legs under the plane and put my head back. Apparently this position is called 'the banana'...but in my opinion, it looks nothing like a banana. As I looked down for a quick glance, all I could see was a sea of white clouds and sunlight. Before I knew it, we were out of the plane. I could not say that the 45 second free fall was anything other than flying. I didn’t get the feeling of falling or that icky feeling when you’re stomach aches because of the rush of falling. Instead, sky diving was like flying through clouds, until we finally opened the parachute and glided all the way to the landing site. I could see 12,000 feet above the earth, and I felt like I was on top of the world. The view of Lake Taupo was breathtaking, and I could spot the hot thermal pools and geysers in the distance.

As we approached the landing site, I could see Ngaire, Liz, and Christian. I yelled screamed and waved at them in my excitement!
Next up, it was Ngaire and Liz’s turn...I felt lucky that the nervous wait was over for me!

Sky diving was by far the best adventurous thing I did in NZ. I would never bungee jump again, after how freaked out I got after my 2 bungee jumps in Queenstown. BUT- I would sky dive in a heartbeat. In Fact, I'm already planning my next sky diving adventure!

Cheers and take care my friends, shelly

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It's a bird, its a plane...It's a bird, its a plane...
It's a bird, its a plane...

no its just two sky divers! I am the one on top- the blue parachute! (rachel is the bottom one)

25th November 2005

We're Freefallin!!!!!!
Woohoo skydivin...sweet as...we are some crazy chicks!!! How are we gonna top this one?? Thats our next adventure...luv ya and miss ya heaps!!!! Your NZ/ND/NE sista Rachel
5th December 2005

woo whoo!!
Sky dive Taupo! What a an amazing adventure WE ROCK!! Miss you

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