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March 18th 2009
Published: March 19th 2009
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Lost in FlagsLost in FlagsLost in Flags

On exploring the park there were many beautiful features; almost too many flags to keep track of where we were amongst them...
WOMAD 2009

Day 1: We left home in the avo 2 go down 2 New Plymouth 4 WOMAD. We arrived at about 19:19 & caught up with Hans, Jay & co once in. Had a gr8 big Indian Curry with Naan for dinner & then watched the evenin with stars of African, Asia, Europe, Australasia & a few from America. There were some amazing guitar breaks, operatic singin, playing broom strings, dancing with excessive flexibility; like the splitz. 2 summarize; Generally Outstanding! Well fed & universally stunned we went to Fitzroy beach 2 spend a the time left (just morning) in our van.

Day 2: I got up early for a chance to explore the waterfront with a 90 min walk along the beach & over a few sand-dunes. Beautiful natural arrangements of flowers on small bushes made the setting look like a naturally spectacular zone! There were lots of surfers out on longboards riding tiny little 1 ft waves & really enjoying it. Seemed that it was a social setting 4 it at Fitzroy beach. Went 4 a rip-off of food at New World b4 heading 2 WOMAD again.

We checked out a lot more of the
Cycling Sewer ModelCycling Sewer ModelCycling Sewer Model

She's very happy with her role of dressin people when they cycle her sewing machine
venue; it was a big field-park area with hills, some extra large (XL) trees, several lakes with ducks & bridges under which colourful fish swam. There was a zone with playgrounds 4 kids, a range of caged monkeys & lemurs in a zoo-like setting.
Sections had flags of many beautiful colours & shapes representing different stalls, cultures & even countries! We discovered the areas with flags were intense enough for us 2 get lost in
We went 2 the little kid zone where Madeleine had a little golden patch painted on her cheek. She convinced me 2 get something done, so I had my whole face black & white like a Zebra, with a red slash on cheek where I'd been almost killed by a Lion. Because of that I got some hilarious reactions from many others checking me out! In the evening were more well entertaining musicians, singers & dancers, so-much so that some of the fans marched through the knee deep water to dance up on the stage-front. T'was hilarious when 1 of them collapsed backward into the water on his back! The lighting up around the roof of the stage with flashing lights made the setting spectacular
Hello with the handsHello with the handsHello with the hands

Sign-language chat with buddy
too! Another night at Fitzroy beach.

Day 3: In mornin I went & played frisbee on the beach & in the water with a little bodysurfing b4 breakfast. Last day of WOMAD was another day of perfect weather with a big crowd of fans. I happened to bump into Maz, the deaf flat-mate we had back in '99. Had a semi-spoken, semi-signed chat with her about where she's living & what she does now. She's still living in her home-bus with no real homeground. However she has bought a small grass section near New Plymouth.

In the avo Moo painted my shoulder with henna in Abo-like stripes of brown. We had another Indian dinner b4 checkin out the Anika Moa concert. That was really good quality because of her humorous speaking throughout the performance. She even got one of her musicians to take a whole bunch of his clothes off with "if not, you won't get paid..." After she finished we waited for her to come & sign the CD that Moo just bought 4 that reason. When she was half an hour late we asked about her & one of the officials went to find her &
Happily watchin performanceHappily watchin performanceHappily watchin performance

Unable to get a seat in the crowd we enjoyed from in garden
when she was an hour late we were told that "She's drinking with her friends & won't come!" NMAD DOG!

So, we left 2 drive home & we finally got there after midnight...

Summary: WOMAD had a range of talented musicians, funny animals, crazy sewing machinery, stunning dancers with flexibility, amazingly good weather & an enormous crowd of fans who loved all the variations there!

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Angry ZebraAngry Zebra
Angry Zebra

Watching the Lion comin towards made Zebra angry with fear!
Just Survived Lion AttackJust Survived Lion Attack
Just Survived Lion Attack

Side of face was bitten, but that convinced to run at Lightning Speed!
Thirsty Abo!Thirsty Abo!
Thirsty Abo!

Just easing the extreme heat from being painted as an Abo

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