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May 13th 2008
Published: May 15th 2008
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1: Lumberjack Show 56 secs
After Whakatane, we went back to Rotorua to give it another go. Rotorua was the first place we stayed after leaving Auckland back in December and we were amazed by the change in colour that the rest stop had gone through.

Rotorua is a town of adventure, and this time, we took the opportunities! One of our first adventures was taking the gondola up to overlook the city, and speeding down the three luge tracks. There was a scenic (easy) track one had to pass first before taking on the intermediate and advanced tracks. Kirby bailed hard on a fast corner on the scenic track and had to dust off his pants and his pride and a bit of pain before taking on the other tracks. The other tracks were built a bit more for speed than the first and we did fine!

Then, it was time for Christina to take on the Zorb! This was an intriguing contraption they had heard of before embarking on their adventure and a goal to try. The Zorb is a big plastic inflatable ball you climb into, they fill with some water, seal it up, then roll you down a steep hill. What will the kiwis think of next? It was very disorienting and there was no way to know which way was up as you splashed and slid all around, but tons of fun! Getting out of the Zorb was like being birthed in a way - all disoriented, not sure which way is up, squishing out a small opening with warm gushing water and people watching. The Zorb is highly recommended.

Another fun adventure was watching and meeting the folks at the Kiwi Lumberjack Show. The show had us splitting a gut and Kirby even got to try his hand at axe throwing... maybe next time he'll hit the target and not the set! The young lumberjack, Ben, imported a Canadian girl for a fiancee and we had a good time talking about Canada and New Zealand idiosyncrasies. After the show, we did the farm walk and got to feed some friendly and interesting creatures - emus, ostriches, something that looked like a long-haired water buffalo, goats, pigs, and sheep. We would highly recommend a visit to this place!

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Another Luge Track!!Another Luge Track!!
Another Luge Track!!

After taking a huge spill, Kirby finds joy getting 'back on the horse'.
Stylish Helmets for All!Stylish Helmets for All!
Stylish Helmets for All!

Catching our breath on the chair lift back up to the luge track.
Agrodome Adventure Park JetAgrodome Adventure Park Jet
Agrodome Adventure Park Jet

At this park, you can do a Swoop (big swing tied in a potato sack with others), Schweeb (pedal a 'bike' on a suspended rollercoaster track), Freefall (float above a huge air stream), and super fast jet boat around a shallow course.
Christina in the ZorbChristina in the Zorb
Christina in the Zorb

Nothing like swirling around and around in a hamster ball full of water down a big hill. Unbelievable fun!
Still Smiling!Still Smiling!
Still Smiling!

Post-zorb confusion and water in the contacts made being upright a whole new challenge, but Christina said she'd do it again in a second.
The Kiwi Lumberjack ShowThe Kiwi Lumberjack Show
The Kiwi Lumberjack Show

These lumberjacks had us laughing the whole time and amazed us with their skills.
Goat on a Hot Tin RoofGoat on a Hot Tin Roof
Goat on a Hot Tin Roof

At the 'petting grounds' of the Lumberjack Show, this was one of many interesting creatures we met.
Kirby's New FriendsKirby's New Friends
Kirby's New Friends

Although slightly frightening at first with their long necks, these gals were quite gentle eating from your hand.
Taken Aback... Taken Aback...
Taken Aback...

Christina was caught off guard when this fella's head came two feet out the fence to meet her.
Kirby Takes His Best ShotKirby Takes His Best Shot
Kirby Takes His Best Shot

Not bad at all, Kirby hit almost all the targets and we met a really neat bloke.
Wild MushroomWild Mushroom
Wild Mushroom

We didn't try it, but we bet it would taste like smurfs.

15th May 2008

Riley won't let me comment on the Zorb / birthing process, I have something really great to liken that too.. perhaps it's fitting to restrain, beings as it's a public (not privates) comment... hee hee.. I can't tell you guys enough.. pictures = amazing

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