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January 28th 2012
Published: January 29th 2012
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Ready to go!Ready to go!Ready to go!

At the Absolums, just prior to loading
Now with the three little Citroen 2CV's neatly packed into a forty foot container, and one BMW moto that we are shipping for Lucas, all we have to do now is wait until it arrives in Valparaiso, Chile at the end of February.

I am so glad the cars have gone, as now I can get on with other things around here that have been left behind while mucking around with the cars, as you do!

Darbi Accessories have again been very good to us and have supplied all the Spectro oil that we will need over our 10,000 km expedition. Along with new oil filters and NGK Spark plugs, thanks again Terry, Steve and String for your support.

Turtle Wax have also come to the party with lots of samples of their new Ice Synthetic Wax that you can use on paint, glass, chrome, even plastic and rubber trim, it is super slick and helps repel water, dust and dirt, (we will certainly be putting that to the test) along with stickers to give away, and polishing and cleaning gear for us.

On the Sunday before shipping, Paul and Melean invited a selection of Citroen notories
Last minute checksLast minute checksLast minute checks

David at AutoFrance making final adjustments on Allan's car
and people that had helped them with their car restoration, from around the city, to a farewell hangi at their place.

It was a great social event, and I got to meet and put faces to names I had only heard about, the hangi could have fed all the people that live in the Henderson Valley and it was cooked to perfection, a very pleasant social time was had by all, thanks to the Absolum team.

Gerardo, has been beavering away over in Chile, sorting and confirming our accomodation, through Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. He is such an important cog in our wheel and helps our adventure flow and smoothes the way for the release of the vehicles.

Well with just over four weeks to get all our ducks in line, as we will be away for eight weeks on this Expedition, the time will just fly by, so until the next blog, take care.

Un abrazo, Rosco

Additional photos below
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Darbi Home BaseDarbi Home Base
Darbi Home Base

On the starting Podium
A nice tight fitA nice tight fit
A nice tight fit

All tied in tightly
Foley the turtleFoley the turtle
Foley the turtle

This is Foley from Turtle wax, he is coming with us.
Lifting the hangiLifting the hangi
Lifting the hangi

Paul and Melean put a farewell hangi down

30th January 2012

You're at it again
Hello Rosco It's been a while since I've had a blog update from you. I see that you're continuing to do trip overseas and are at it again but this time it's with little Citroens. I've always wanted to join you on a trip but with my health history and the doctors saying I shouldn't visit Chile, Peru and the rest of the countries you go to because of my Kidney transplant and that they have Yellow Fever and the like. Well I love getting your blogs and reading about your adventures. Can't wait till your next update. Hope everything is OK with you. I keep hearing about the Earthquakes in Christchurch.
30th January 2012

Remembering NZ's 1st 2CV
Good luck guys. My Auckland PR company handled the launch of 2CVs into NZ many years ago and I was the first person to drive over the Harbour Bridge. It was a stunning burgundy & black model and I was in love. Keep safe and I'll follow your adventures from the comfort of my chair. Cheers su
6th February 2012
Ready to go!

Things of beauty
How great the cars look .How will they look after this fantastic adventure ?
4th March 2012

The time is nigh
Bon voyage. Take care & stay safe. See you in San Pedro de Atacama. Linton & Heather
9th March 2012

greeting from the homeland
Hi guys We hope you all are well and geeting settled in down there with the food,coffee and the lingo! Hopefully the cars arrived and all is back on track! Have fun you lucky lot Thinking of you all!! Christof
16th April 2012
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