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December 1st 2018
Published: December 1st 2018
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29th November

I wake about 7 and open the van door and doze for another hour or so listening to the waves on the beach. I could get used to this. I decide on another night at site.

I have tea and toast for breakfast, I top one slice with avocado and seeds and the other with honey. I realize that I am not going to able to finish the honey before I leave New Zealand, so someone at my final camp site will be very lucky to have an almost full jar of award winning honey.

I drop a few seeds on the ground for the sparrows, they seem to enjoy them. I get myself dressed and do a bit of hand washing and walk to the office to book another night.

I then spend the rest of the chasing shade around the van, a bit like a cat chasing the sunny spot around the house only in reverse. Eventually there is no shade cast by the van as the sun is so high in the sky. So I make a shade with a sheet, clothes line and some pegs. Then I made a big mistake, I lay under the shade and fell asleep.

I woke up feeling peckish, so had some cheese and crackers and cooked green beans and pasta to make a pasta salad later.

I am not going to lie, I did bugger all for the whole day, not even a walk on the beach.

Eventually my stomach gets the better of me and I make pasta salad for my dinner. I am just finishing up a couple walk by and tell me there is an orca whale in the bay, I abandon dinner and head to the beach to take a look. There were actual 2 orca whale about 100 metres out. I hoped they were not going to beach themselves as there have two whale beaching incidents this week. I watched a while and eventually they swam off.

The rest of the evening I pretty much watched the world go by between reading my latest book, The Saboteur by Andrew Cross, and climbed into bed about 9.


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