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July 4th 2008
Published: July 3rd 2008
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HAPPY 4th!!!

I think we are celebrating it with Christoffel and Alison at a tavern down the road that is having a blues night! Should be good!

So, remember good ol' Rusty Gun Warder? Santa Claus guy? He is a regular now. You can hear him driving up the road from blocks away with his windows down and indie-rock noises blaring out of his little Nissan Altima. He has this tiny little Jack Russel-looking mutt that sits on a tray that Rusty built for him on the driver's side window. It looks like he swiped it from a Sonic or A&W and told his dog to lie down on it. His car is covered in make-shift bumper stickers, more like tape, really. It is all political and mismatched, but his sole purpose is to get a rise out of people. He walks in with that gigantic black leather belt, waving and jabbing his cane up in the air as he gives some sensational speech about... who knows what it's about. All you can understand are the swear words. He goes and sits down, but not after making a big scene about how he would fight Jack for me if he could. We all get a little sick to our stomach, but laugh anyway. He talks with his mouth and beard full of eggs benedict to anyone sitting near him. He is loud, crude, and has a huge Saint Nick laugh. Nobody knows what he does for work. They aren't even sure where he lives. We only know that he came from Canada about 30 years back, and that every small town should have a Rusty Gun just for the quality of entertainment you get, free of charge.

The bar is almost ready! We have been cleaning, burning, hanging, rearranging, getting it all ready for this kid's birthday. Since this forced us to get the bar ready, we could open even sooner. We have been having a great week as far as sales go, so that is encouraging. It gets to the point that all four of us are needed to get the orders out during lunch rush. Before, two people could manage. It's picking up, and this is slow season. This town completely transforms in summer with the long school break, tourists, and families on vacation. The population will double, so it will be a good time for the Burrowing Bullie.

Might I just add that Jack is the most easy going, low maintenance person to live with. I basically give him food and back scratches and he is a happy husband.


3rd July 2008

Hi Linds, that's all I had to do too ... food and back scratches! haha! oh and maybe bug him about a haircut now and then. Jack, can you sneak a picture of Santa Clause for us when he's not looking j/k! Mom
3rd July 2008

somehow I don't see a bar and a kid's birthday going together...I am a little conservative at times but I usually think of Chuckey Cheese or a park, but not usually a bar...or maybe I'll just be the sheltering parent type who knows:)
3rd July 2008

what a loser
So a similar situation has been happening to me with a crazy guy at Office Max...strange he knows I am married and work at a church but the last few times I have been there he has rememberd what I wore the last year and a half of visits and the different hairstyles I had with each outfit...creepy....but John got mad that I didn't tell him off right then and there (woudl seem akward as he knows i work at a church) but I think you just need to find some nice mild NZ cuss word and tell the guy to get a life...seriously he could be a crazy I wouldn't take that one more time -I am mad just thinking of it..what an idiot (you could tell him off in Spanish if it'd make you feel better Lindsay!)
5th July 2008

I hope you had fun at the bar/ b-day party. We are headed to the beach to watch fireworks. Remember? We caught a ton of fish today, the guys missed their chat with Jack on the back of the boat. :) besos! M

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