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November 1st 2009
Published: November 1st 2009
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I love Halloween. I was a little worried because the kiwis don't really celebrate Halloween but was actually very pleased with how the day went. I carved pumpkins with my Scottish roomie, Kat, who had NEVER done that before! The pumpkins in NZ in the spring are very small and white, not like pumpkins much at all, but they made pretty good Jack-O-Lanterns. After dinner Kat and I dressed up and went to the late night ((double feature!!!! Picture show! In the back row---f* the back row!!)) showing of Rocky Horror, complete with stage performance, encore Time Warp, and lots of men in lingerie. We went out for drinks afterwards and started talking with a couple of locals. One of the men, an old NZ farmer, was talking to me about politics and congratulated me on the US choice of president. I proudly informed him that yes, I had assisted in this decision. We high-fived, we trash-talked G-Dub, we drank homemade whiskey and Obama-bonded. Then I regaled him with my theory that YouTube is going to save the world. It was all quite eventful.

I get a lot of shit for being American. It's understandable. A little bit welcome even. But it is nice to be able to be- as Kat would say- a "wee bit" proud. And a whole bunch hopeful. After agreeing unabashedly with everyone who felt the need to inform me about how fucked up things are in the US, it was such a welcome relief to give myself a little pat on the back. Power to the people. Alright, small patriotic moment over.

Had an idea yesterday. When I get home I want to start a vegetarian potluck group (in addition to beginning a garden, visiting Chicago, and learning Spanish). This arose because Anna, my German roomie and fellow lacto-ovo vege, made me the most delicious tomato and peanut burritos (don't knock it til you try it man). She is so sweet, she told me she wanted to share them with me and then made a lunch date for us. She set everything out on the table and then waited for me to arrive. For about two hours we ate delicious food, drank L&P, and talked about NZ farming, good vege backpacking foods, and how cream cheese is interchangeable for parmesan on spaghetti- who knew? Not only was it fun and delicious, but it was really helpful! I would have never thought to put raisins and peanuts in my burritos! Thus the idea of a vege potluck group was formed. I am pretty stoked on it.

Tomorrow afternoon I head to Tauranga. Will let you all know how it goes, as per usual :-)


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