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October 24th 2009
Published: October 24th 2009
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So I was very skeptical of Thames at first, I'm not gonna lie (actually "skeptical" is a little soft, I HATED Thames at first haha). However, things have picked up quite a bit! I got here a few days ago, and am committed to two weeks of work here. The work is really not bad- it's cleaning and making beds and such, which I'm actually quite good at if I do say so myself. I know it's a dumb thing to be good at, but it's nice to do something well, even if it is just making beds and washing dishes and vaccuuming. I was super bummed about being stuck here for Halloween, and THEN I found out that the local musical theatre company is putting on Rocky Horror on Halloween night! When you buy your ticket they even provide you with an "interactivity kit"- rice to throw at the wedding and such! I'm so stoked I can't even explain it.

It was sunny and beautiful all day today. I walked into town along the coastal walkway, found the library (it was closed, but good to know), and made myself a huge dinner. I'm now hanging out in a hammock on the lawn eating cookies- urm biscuits- and typing to you all. There is a large band staying here tonight because of the local battle of the bands. They're singing "On the Boardwalk" and playing guitars and eating ice cream and I am quite content if I do say so myself.

I'm starting to be alright with being alone. This seems like a really weird thing, but it's a very new skill. I'm so used to being home, where everytime I wanted to do something I would call up a friend and they would come with me. At first it was really hard learning to go shopping and hiking and exploring by myself, but now I actually am starting to enjoy it. It's really nice, not feeling lonely everytime I'm alone, not having to depend on someone else to want to do what I want to do. Am going to go get more cookies now. :-)


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