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November 16th 2009
Published: November 16th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

HEEEY! Sorry it has been a while.. especially to Mom and Dad since I haven't called in a while. This whole time difference has me a little off kilter with everything relating to home. I don't have time to go back and read what I wrote last time.. but I know many of you are all laughing with us 😊 .. so I can't really remember what I wrote about crazy things in NZ. I'll start with the time... I am 19 hours ahead of you, so if you add a day to your time and subtract 5 hours, that's what time it is for me. So, say it's 5 PM Thursday.. add a day.. 5 PM Friday.. minus 5 hours.. and it's 12 PM Friday here. The weather has been interesting.. it's been a few days since the first blog so I'm having to go back in time a little.. it's been clear, but chilly... something I was NOT expecting. My backpack full of summer clothes hasn't come in as handy as I had hoped, but soon it will change and all will be swell.. or at least that's what I keep telling myself. 😊 The weather changes super quick here... one moment it's beautiful and sunny, 3 minutes later you're digging for your jacket. I haven't gotten quite used to that yet, but like I mentioned before.. staying positive here.
We first stayed in Auckland Central Backpackers.. which was a huge hotel basically, just crummied (yes, I made that up) up by backpackers in and out at all hours every day. It was about 10 stories tall and had a huge kitchen, laundry, internet, hangout area, information, etc. The shower was interesting.. it is like some bathroom sinks.. you have to keep pressing the button for the water to continue flowing. So about every 3 or 4 minutes the water would shut off and you would have to jam the button in and water would start again. It wasn't too bad, just interesting. The commodes/bathrooms in general are all called "toilets". As much as I have seen this before, it still grosses me out a little everytime. Anyway.. most of the actual toilets have two buttons on the top.. one is a half flush and the other is a full flush. I know you can figure out the reasoning.
Contrary to popular belief, they DO have hot sauce! and jalepenos! Yay!
In Auckland, a box of cereal costs about 12 dollars.. which Eliza and I could not believe, esp since we are both huge on cereal. We witheld from purchasing though, thankfully, and found a grocery store a little outside of town and it was much more reasonable.
Sadly, I have not been able to purchase a netbook (really tiny laptop) yet. I was waiting to get over here because I thought things would be cheaper since our dollar is a tiny bit stronger than theirs. However, this has not been the case. Netbooks are about 350 in the states and the cheapest one we've seen over here is about 650... 😞
I did get a phone over here.. my number is 021998484.. so mom, you can text me your sweet moon texts now 😊 .. even though I'm pretty sure I see the moon before you.. still so bizarre to me how our world operates!
There is NO tax or tipping in NZ.. which still takes a little bit to get used to.. but loving it very much!
OK.. so that's about all the randomness I can think of for now... I hope each of you are well! Will be updating on our "adventures" soon.
love and miss you.


17th November 2009

I needed a laugh!
Mary Kathryn-I just knew your blog would be entertaining. I am not sure if i will be able to stand the suspense in between the blogs! You must find a job ASAP so you can afford a netbook! Will you be able to blog more frequently if you have a netbook? Maybe we need to start a "buy MK a netbook" fund! Glad you are there safely! Love ya, Liz(and Chip and Elizabeth and Mary Faser and of course-Felton!)

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