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October 27th 2006
Published: October 27th 2006
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Hi there,

Just getting ready to leave Aukland and head off in our new car! Its a lovely city, cosmopolitan and coastal but everyone seems to be advising us to get out as quickly as we can. Its all very high rise, but not in a Dublin way, its really nice buildings, all unique and funky, very modern looking. We did a tour of teh city yest taking in some of the tunnels built during fears of invasions by the Russian's & Japaneese and a walk across Aukland Harbour Bridge. Not exactly a walk on O'Connell involved us walking under the actual road using harnesses...great views and nice breeze! Two of the girls on the tour did a bungee jump off it...tempted but not quite ready for that kind of thing just yet.

I haven't had much sleep since I got here...we (well Ned did the sensible thing and had an early night) went dancing last night and I woke early today and didnt really sleep much last night, its wierd going to bed when I should be getting up and visa versa but another day or two and I'll be used to it.

We've just picked uip out new car...its driving an automatic bus! Hope I don't kill everyone in it! We've planned our route through the North Island and booked loads of cool much to see and do and lots of activities I'd never even heard of...zorbing (kind of like being pushed down a hill in a hamster ball), black water rafting (white water rafting in caves) and all sorts of sky diving and other terrifying stuff...Fran and Ian are in their element.

Setting off for somewhere I can't pronounce shortly, doing ab-sailing down caves 2mar and then on to Roturua (that's what Im most looking forward to seeing). I'm really excited about seeing the rest of the islands because Aukland is supposed to be one of the not so nice places in NZ...and I quite liked it!

Claire, great to hear about the sale tell mam and dad Haz yay!

Appologies for all the spelling mistakes...Im a bad speller at the worst of times, can only guess how bad I am when Im jet lagged.

Someone message me and tell me what's going on at home!

Will check in again in a few days, going to be on campsites for the next lil while....enjoy your long-weekend!!!


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27th October 2006

Hello Great to hear from you so soon, the photos look fab Auckland looks quick like the centre point in sydney the tall building you will see when you get there you can also do the bridge climb there to, that is mad people doing the bungy I know I did a few things but don't think would do that, so the jet lag hasn't hit in yet trust me it will so take it handy get plenty of sleep, So you hear about yesterday they are trilled alright I went along as the spy so could fill them in on all the gossip and who was there etc. Had a lovely meal then last night. Well that is all my news looking forward to the long weekend pretty crap really only 3 days of and look what you have lieing ahead lucky cow. That story is so funny with the boots you must of nearly died, it is so cool that you can keep us so up todate will print of everything then for mam. Well keep blogging miss you lots Claire

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