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June 13th 2012
Published: June 13th 2012
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I wish i could work out how to put up photos on this site and how to edit my entries cause i have so many spelling mistakes haha.

Anyway, back in New Zealand but i couldnt write about the last few weeks cause certain people may have found out i was coming home and we didnt want that.

So the following week after Seattle i spent not doing much at my aunt and uncles. Ran everyday and ate alot of food. Although my uncle did take me mountain bike riding one day up in the mountains in something Canyon (cant remember the name). Its like a 10k trail along an old railway line. The tracks arnt there anymore but the tressels are and it has the most beautiful views. I saw a black bear on the way up too. He was cute! Really wanted to see a snake but that didnt happen dang it.

Another day i went in to town to see the chocolate shop lady to get one of her amazing killer mocha's and say goodbye to her. She was not impressed when i told her i was leaving and coming home to NZ. She started going on about the arrogant Canadians and bloody natives and stuck up country for not giving me a job. Then when i got home the phone rang and my aunt answered and it was her. She apparently raved to Aunty Sue and then said "now i've got this friends, and he's Turkish and we Hungarians dont usually get on with Turkish people cause we kicked their ass in war back in 19 bla bla but never mind, we are still friends. Anyway hes opening a sandwich shop down town and he asked me if i knew any good immagrants needing a job so you get that girl in the car and take her down there and tell him that Eva the Chocolate shop lady said if he didnt give her a job she will cut his balls off!!!!!"

She was awesome.

That Saturday was a cool day. i went to the Penticton markets with Aunty Sues sister Deb. She is absolutely lovely. We walked around the markets for awhile then we went to brunch at this awesome little cafe which had the best food i had tasted in Canada (Deb said it was kiwi owned so i assume thats why haha) and then whe took me wine tasting at some of the wineries in the valley.

Now Canadians love their own wine. They think they grow and make the best. They obvously havent tried NZ wine cause i dont think it compares but thats just me. We started at Pereus, then Poplar grove which had the most amazing views and would have made the best events venue, then Hillside winary and finished with Elephant Island where you actually sit at a table in the sun and the bring you round 6 tastings, all of fruit wines. They didnt make grape wine. i bought a couple of bottles, it was sooooo good!

The Sunday i helped my aunt at a drinks station at a local half marathon running event, saved a dog that had run away and was wondering around on the main highway and ate an awesome dinner with the only amazing wine i found in Canada (the Ice wine).

I returned back to Vancouver on the Monday and spent the next two weeks watching season 8 of Greys anatomy, sharing a single bed with my friend Charlotte, drinking way too much, playing my last games of touch and footy and just hanging out with all the friends i had made.

One of the drinking to much nights, Hollys flatmate who had connections got us into a club in downtown for free and it was an awesome night, i think... I have alot of blank spots haha. The next day was not easy. Then on the Wednesday night before i left, i went to the last touch game and then we went to a bar and the footy guys came and we drank and drank and when ever my glass was empty out came another. Lets just say that night didnt end to well, im surprised i found my way home haha.

The trip home was a long one too! I had to get up at 4am to be at the airport by 6, flight to LA where i thought i was going to get to go out for the day because i had 13hours before my next flight. Unfortunately, they had closed the baggage storage place and i either had to take my bags with me or not go out so i stayed for 12 hours at LAX. It was a long LONG 12 hours. However i did meet this American guy called Houston and we hung out cause he was in the same boat as me. I think if i hadnt met him i might have gone freaking nuts. Then flight to Tahiti and on to NZ. 34 hours all up i think it ended up being.

So i am home, job hunting and without a car which is annoying. And nothing has changed. In fact it feels like i never left. I really want to go back and do winter in whistler there and see everyone or Europe or something. i have the mad travel bug now.

I am sure it will happen. I wouldn't recomment People live in Van though haha. I dont regret anything i did because i had an awesome time, however i would change certain things if i could do it again.


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