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February 20th 2008
Published: February 20th 2008
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Harold P. MatisHarold P. MatisHarold P. Matis

Here's Harold where we found him - sitting on the clothes horse on our balcony. Bless.
Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then prepare yourself for a bit of good news.....

GLYNN GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It happened last week so sorry for not letting you know sooner but isn't it exciting? What this means is that Glynn can apply for a work permit, which takes about a month and then he can get started. He's got himself a warehousing job again and believe it or not, it was the first job interview he had over here that scored the success. It's only taken a while to come through because by law, the company had to offer the job to any Kiwi applicants first before considering a foreigner. As it turned out, 2 Kiwis were trialled for the job but they weren't suitable and so Glynn got offered it by default.

As for me, I'm still applying for jobs and things are moving forward ok. Once Glynn's permit comes through, I will be able to apply for a work permit as his partner without having a job offer. If I get a job offer in the mean time though, I get to apply for a permit in my own right. If I manage to secure a
Are You Looking at Me?Are You Looking at Me?Are You Looking at Me?

He's cute but he still ate Tom. Bad mantis!
job in IT as I'm hoping to, I would qualify for the skills shortage category over here. That means we would be able to apply for residency much sooner than if I worked in a non-skills shortage job. Does that make sense? It's pretty complicated for us too and it's taken us this long to fully understand how the immigration system works!! The important thing is that Glynn's job offer means we get to stay in NZ long-term. Hip, hip, hooray!

On a sad note, Harold, our pet praying mantis, decided to eat Tom the caterpillar while we were sleeping a couple of nights ago. We woke up to find Tom's chrysalis broken open and Harold happily munching away. I've been cross with Harold ever since, especially as we suspected Tom was due to emerge as a butterfly that day too, but I guess it's just nature's way. I forgot to put Harold's photo on the last blog so here it is instead.

Thanks to all of you for keeping your fingers crossed for us about finding a job - I still can't believe it!!


20th February 2008

Good morning you both faraways :-) These are really good news in the morning! Congratulations Glynn, I hope, you'll like your new job!!! And good luck dear sister that you also will succeed soon finding - maybe the perfect job? Papa already told me Monday on the phone about yr. great job-news..I'm sure things will turn out in the end as you wish!! Always think of you both, sunny greetings from Munich
20th February 2008

Hooray! and Boo!
Congratulations to Glynn and hurrah generally for things working out. Sad to hear of the loss of Tom just as he was about to enter a new phase of life.

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