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October 21st 2005
Published: October 21st 2005
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Had a lovely, lazy time doing absolutely nothing over the past days. Well, I did a little trip across the bay to Devonport yesterday, and went out with some girls - Helen and Sinade - for fish and chips the night before last, but apart from that it's been perfectly vacant!

Saying that, I am starting to get a bit stir crazy, and although there are loads of gallaries around here that I've been perusing, (with some stunning stuff), and I even popped in the Uni to see a variety of musical performances, (including a stunning solo by an angelic mezzo soprano from Schumann's Frauenliebe und Leben), I'm dying for Adam to get here so we can have a large, (and much needed), piss up then finally get on the road!

His flight gets in tonight at 1955, so hopefully there'll only be another day or so in Auckland for me - yippeee! The bad news is that it's been raining for 2 days, and as I type there are flood warnings coming in over the radio. hmmmm.

Got some potentials that might be able to sort us out a car for hire, including some guy that tried to pick me up last week, who said he could get me a very special deal if I phone him direct....hmmm....we'll see, I'm not sure if I'm that desperate just yet!

Off to buy beer. Laters


16th November 2005

yes i am that bored
Yep I'm one of those bored people that have enough time not only to read your bloggs but also enough time to subcribe to it. god i am getting SAD. Sounds like your enjoying yourself. Look forward to hearing more of your exciting tales from downunder, it's all i have got to keep me going in my sad life ;-)
20th November 2005

Hey Rick The travels sound fab, takes lots more pics for us! Have loads of fun! Take care, Mags

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