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November 5th 2007
Published: November 12th 2007
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Auckland from DavenportAuckland from DavenportAuckland from Davenport

Auckland from Davenport
Familiar ground, but not welcomed familiar. At least I have spent enough time here to know that I dont want to be here in Auckland. Saying that there is a good to every bad and at last I managed to track down my old flat mate from 10 years ago, Chris Shaw.

I cant remember if i had said why in the past blog as to my reasons for returning to Auckland but I had signed up to do extras work and got a job almost immediatly. With the Power Rangers. Go on, laugh, out loud if you must, but my nephew thinks I rule and it did prove to be fun.

In the Globe bar I ended up meeting Dave, Dave, Will and Tamera and spent a few days chilling with them seeing the various sights in Auckland and snaping the camera at anything that caught the eye.

Randomness from skytower:
I should be locked up
Call the pysciatrist

Upon arrival at the chinease temple I got ushered into the make up van and given the best tan I have ever had in my life, I was glowing brown. The usual sitting around all day and only moving a
Will, Tamera and meWill, Tamera and meWill, Tamera and me

Davenport Mushies
bit whenever your told too. My role? I was the "Gong man!" Which would have been fine if in fact the Gong didn't just go "thud" when I struck it. I did manage to ask a lad if he did a lot of extras work, only to find out later that he was Robbie in home and away, and one of the actual Power Rangers, amongst other things. Well done Ian, priceless question. I did meet one of the actors from the Matrix 3, one of the high elders, and a group of very good people too. The job was for two consecutive mondays and the second was cold and wet. After a second plastering of the besty tan in the world applied by three lo9vely make-up ladies, the Rangers arrived. At which point I decided to ask Robbie from home and away if he had enjoyed working in Neighbours. Well, why not?!

That evening I hooked up with Chris (Macro, as his DJ name is) and his radio partner HSD. I went with them for their monday evening radio show and had a blast listening to them broadcasting their show from Base FM to all of Auckland.
Sky TowerSky TowerSky Tower

Didn't enjoy leaning on thie glass!

By now I had realised that I had made sevberal bad choices since getting to NZ. Unfortunatly I have suffered finnacially as a result but its all part of the journey and at least I know now what I do and don't want to do, and where I do and don't want to go. I dont think thw WOOFING and Farm work is for me. I wouldn't be with enough people in most of the locations and one of the things I have realised that I love doing here is meeting people. As for the extras, i'd have to be staitionary in Auckland and I'd hate that. So, as soon as the Rangers job was over and the hang over gone, I headed North.


13th November 2007

Missed this one
Hi Boy - missed this one out somehow - always knew you werent a city lad - enjoy the travels north and glad you got to see Chris - hags (as ever!) from home xxxx Mum
14th November 2007

Dad - catching up!
Not to be outdone by your mother, you can have a hag from me too!! All love - Dad

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