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May 16th 2007
Published: May 16th 2007
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One more week untill I come home!!!!
Today I woke up in a very good mood because not only is today Melissa and Hoppers last day of work before they have a week off to spend with me but it is also exactly a week untill I come home! It kinda feels like I have been gone forever but sometimes it feels like just yesterday. I think 2 months has been a perfect amount of time to be gone for! I am getting very excited to come home! For those of you that I have not told I am no longer going to Fiji! I have know for most of my trip. I decided a few weeks after being here that it for whatever reason did not feel right going to Fiji after New Zealand and that after two month I would be very ready to come home. So Fiji will just have to wait untill another time later in life. I am glad now that I went withmy gut feeling on that! Because not only am I very ready to be going home but now I have my sisters engagment to go celabrate back home. When I herd Amanda was got Enaged I wanted to be home right away, I think I would be really sad if I had to wait longer then a week to be able to go home and celabrate this very exciting new with her!
My last week since arriving back in Auckland after my tour has been very nice! Its been nice to relaxe and enjoy being at Melissa and Hoppers house all day and not have to get up early to drive some where else that I would be staying. It has also been very nice to have home cooked meals ( that have been all super good) and no longer eat noodles and junk for dinner, I feel alot healthyer after being back here for a week. On the weekend we went and watched a boat show down at the harbour which was interesting to watch since the boats looked more like rockets to me then boats, I was amazed on how fast they can go. Then we went and checked out the fish market, which had more freash fish then I think I have ever seen! That night we went to Melissa and Hoppers friends Stef and Carls house for dinner. It was nice to finally meet two of there friends that I have herd so much about. We had a wicked dinner, it was so good! Sunday after Hopper was done work we went to the dog races, since it was going to be one of the last days of them before New Zealands winter kicks in. It was fun as always! It was very exciting because one of the races we actually won about $50. It was very exciting to bet and actually win!! The rest of the week I have just been hanging out and relaxing while Melissa and Hopper are at work. But today being there last day of work for the next week I have a full fun week ahead of me before going home, which I am very much looking forward to! So I will try and update once more before comming home but if not I will post once I am back home to let everyone know about my fun last week in Auckland! See everyone back home soon!!!


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