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November 14th 2009
Published: November 15th 2009
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Weighing the Beast of BurdenWeighing the Beast of BurdenWeighing the Beast of Burden

Avanti Montari, 27 speed. With its front & rear pannier racks, cycle stand and two filled water bottles, it weighs 19 kilograms.

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Gentle Readers,
With the ride about to resume, I have been sorting through my gear and preparing for the next leg to Taupo and Wellington. By now you will be so filled with enthusiasm for your own cycle trips that I have decided to provide you with a handy-to-use inventory. In other words, what to take.

Right Front Pannier
Sleeping bag and silk liner
Thermarest inflatable mattress
Small pillow, pillowcase, boxer shorts
Weight 4 kg

Left Front Pannier
1 emergency dinner - Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meal
Waterproof plastic liner
Clothes bag containing 2 changes underwear, spare cycling top, zip off trousers, lightweight merino long-sleeved top, lightweight long johns, I casual shirt, 1 spare pair socks.
Small towel
1 pair crocs
Weight 3 kg

Left Rear Pannier
First aid kit, waterproof leggings, waterproof jacket, bike pump, insect repellant, sunblock, duct tape, small quantity clothes washing powder in sealable plastic bag, cap, 1 litre of water, book, warm jacket, plastic box containing spares and tools for bike (cable ties, inner tube, tyre puncture kit & tyre levers, spare chain link, multitool including chain breaker), plastic bag containing two bottles 'Rock
Lightening the LoadLightening the LoadLightening the Load

After 1,200+ kilometres in Northland, I was anxious to lighten my load. But when it came to it, all I could find to jettison was a mudguard, the second of my inner tube spares, a spanner, anti chaffing cream, a solitary tyre lever, a foldup day pack, the instruction manual for my camera and a pair of socks. All up, perhaps a kilo.
n Roll Extreme' lube for chain plus rags and glove, toilet bag containing the usual including small shampoo, shaving equipment etc, small bag containing chargers for cellphone and camera, headlamp, pegless clothesline, headphones for phone (for radio), maps for next part of trip.
Weight 6 1/2 kg

Right Rear Pannier
Stove & gas bottle & spare bottle, cooking set (pot, frypan and kettle), detergent and sponge, tea towel, mug, foldup bowl, knife, fork & spoon, pot stirrer, folding pocket knife, milk powder (some in small plastic container, the rest in sealed plastic bag, tea bags, condiments and spices (salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning, Italian herbs, garlic, curry powder, chilli powder, oxo cubes), spray can of cooking oil, cereal in sealed plastic bag/s, backup muesli bars.
Weight 5kg

Rear Carrier
Plastic groundsheet to go under tent, 2-person tent (not for guests, but to provide a degree of comfort in inclement weather), plastic foot stool used as a seat and inverted, it can double as the kitchen sink.
Weight 3 1/2 kg

Handlebar Bag
Loo paper, wallet, cellphone, camera, glasses, bike security chain, 3 muesli bars, notebook and pen, cable to link camera to computers in internet cafes, route
Where's It All Going To Go?Where's It All Going To Go?Where's It All Going To Go?

Everything heaped up on the spare bed, waiting to be packed.
guide (Pedallers' Paradise - North Island), map in waterproof, see-through pocket, sunstick to prevent sunburnt lips.
Weight 2 1/2 kg

Summary of Weight
Panniers and contents and items on rear carrier 24.5 kg
Weight of bike ready to go, but without the above 19.0 kg
All up weight 43.5 kg

Plus One Extra Outfit for Riding
Cycling top, cycling shorts, underwear, clipon cycle shoes, socks, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, fluoro vest.

Whoops, Forgot
Then there's me 80 kg

Additional photos below
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Fold Flat TablewareFold Flat Tableware
Fold Flat Tableware

There is all sorts of equipment out there. This time I'm trying this Chinese made product, which packs flat to save space but can be turned into a 700 ml bowl by folding along the creases.
The End ResultThe End Result
The End Result

Because it's folded, there won't be any leaks. But I suspect food will get trapped in the creases. I suppose I can always unfold it and lick it?

15th November 2009

yeah you're almost in Wellington! Come see me :) and don't worry...I wont make you bike up mount vic!!
16th November 2009

Mt Vic? Nothing to it!
16th November 2009

Hi Mike, what does it say about me that I'm fascinated by this??!! So hard to focus on so many things these days, but I read and re-read your list. I'm not sure if you've inspired or completely intimidated me. I guess the sunscreen and lip gloss are in the toilet bag. Good luck with the next leg. Melanie x
17th November 2009

Hi Melanie, They are on board. Did I forget to mention them? Lip stuff in the handlebar bag, sunblock in a pannier. Trying to keep the weight out of the handlebar bag otherwise the bike gets front wheel flap and tries to run off the road. regards, Feral Mike

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