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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom March 11th 2016

R: LAN airlines scrutinised our travel documents harder than anyone I have ever seen before. Our onward flight was checked. Our permission to stay in both New Zealand, and Australia (including our eVisitor) was asked for. We had to bring out the iPad several times to prove it. They checked in vain for a paper visa for New Zealand in our passports before agreeing that the British didn't need these to get into NZ! after looking it up. Begrudgingly, after 20 minutes (no exaggeration) at check in, they gave us a boarding pass. Which put us right next to Shelley, my walking buddy from Pucon, on the plane by complete coincidence. Well, after we moved the Chilean man who thought he could sit wherever he wanted. The flight departed at 00.05 on the 8th March. We ... read more
A choice of two flags
North Head @ Devonport
Town Hall

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom May 3rd 2010

Hi you two (& Callum). Hope you receive this epistle cos if you do it means that I have set this blog up correctly!?! Let me know will you..........only when you get a chance of course. I know you're really busy. You'll be pleased to be on hols....Greentree has just crashed with a fatal error of some sort. It's as dead as a dodo! Fun times!! Gotta go so have fun you lot and speak to you soon, Cheers Neil... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom February 28th 2010

Back to Auckland, where our journey began one year ago. We had just 5 days to sell our car and camping gear before leaving the country, quite a scary prospect. We put posters up in all the hostels, then spent 2 days waiting nervously for the phone to ring...after no success we put an ad up on TradeMe (NZ's version of Ebay) and sold it that day! We've also sold all our camping gear and made a small profit! Who said travelling left you broke?! Anyway, we're back in the same hostel we stayed in a year ago, and have been able to enjoy our last few days in the country now that the car is sold. We went to MOTAT (the museum of transport and technology), it was pretty good...there were loads of old cars, ... read more
Some very cute Lovebirds
Massive hippo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom February 18th 2009

Hi Jess and Kris this is my blog - great isn't it There is no new news but I wanted to send you pictures of the students. They just took pictures of Spike licking the dishes in the dishwasher - nice!! lots of love joseph and mum... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom January 30th 2008

Well day two didn't exactly go as planned. Podger was due to get the day off but ended up working so didn't do the plane ride. I went downtown and got set up for the Thialand trip. Took a few pictures of the city and then met himself and we went up to the top of one Mount eden in the centre of the city. One of the 6 volcanos dotted around the city. Mark rosny lives in the shadow of it so we met up for a drink with him and his wife. I took a copuple videos off the view from the top of Mount eden and there are a few pictures of Mark and his other half. Tomorrow and Friday we are going to the beach, absailing, watersports and so on. I hear ... read more
yeah Don't ask
Auckland University
Sky tower from Queens St

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom July 5th 2007

We landed in New Zealand tired, disorientated and in Tom’s case rather smelly after 2 days of flying and waiting for flights. Unlike UK airports, the NZ airport authority employs more than enough people. This allows you to get through a more thorough passport control and customs very quickly and easily, which was a bonus. That being said the free transfer from the airport to our hotel, arranged by Gemma’s new employers, never showed up so we had to get the bus. This turned out to be a blessing as the 7ft tall; 150kg Maori bus driver (they make them big in the south pacific) was very friendly. He dropped us off outside our hotel and gave us the run down on where to eat, buy clothes and go out in Auckland. Our hotel for the ... read more
The Dorringtons
All blacks game
View from Rangitoto

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Epsom June 30th 2007

We arrived in Auckland (New Zealand- or Aotearoa, meaning The Land of the Long White Cloud) on 27th June. We were promised 'freezing' weather so were quite relieved when we got off the plane to be met with just a 'cold chill'. We got a taxi to our hostel which was quite a way out of town. As we pulled up, it was rather reminiscent of the hotel from 'The Shining'. We got inside and were a little shocked to find it was actually colder inside than out. We were shown into our 'bedroom' which was actually the lounge with a few random mattresses and fold out beds dotted around with interesting bedspreads and 2 strange boys lurking in two of them. The bathrooms were also a little less than desireable with too many stray hairs ... read more
First night...
Mmmm cosy...

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