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Lifou, New Caledonia Islands: 4-17-2018 Lifou, New Caledonia Lifou co nghia la lon nhat la dao lon trong cac dao cua Loyalty Islands province thuoc New Caledonia. Lifou rong1,207km2. Thu do la Easo. Phap chiem dong nam 1864. Dai 81km va rong tu 16 den 24km. Co 10 ngan nguoi song tai day.Da so la nguoi Kanaks. Truoc kia la Coral atoll. Dao nay san xuat Vanilla, Sugarcane, Copra va du lich. Co 19 Tribes song tren quan dao Loyalty Islands va 6 tren dao Lifou. Du thuyen den Lifou luc 7:30AM. Den 8AM du khach duoc xuong thuyen. Toi muon taxi di den cac noi ma toi muon di. Do la local village va bay tren duong di. Village la noi nguoi dia phuyong song trong nhung can nha lam bang la hunbg ca pheu, ... read more

Blog 29 Easo, Lifou, New Caledonia, April 17, 2018 – Weather forecast: mostly sunny; temperature 27°C 90%, wind 19kts (5 Beaufort) Our port of call today was the island of Lifou and the community of Easo. According to the documentation provided by the Shore Excursion Team the name “Easo” in the local Drehu language means “smoking fire”. The name was derived from the fact that whalers lit fires on shore to render the fat into oil from the cetaceans they had harpooned in the area during the decade of 1860-1870. Catholic missionaries came to the island in 1858 and established a chapel, Notre Dame de Lourdes, on the promontory overlooking Santal and Jinek bays. The chapel was clearly visible from the ship as we sailed into the Santal Bay. Our shore excursion took us to the ... read more

Levée à 10h de l'alerte cyclonique. Après avoir changé plusieurs fois de trajectoire et varié d'intensité (de 2 à 5 !) Le cyclone Hola a faibli en quittant les parages des loyautés en fin de nuit. Perspective de reprise des vols vers Nouméa dans la soirée selon green light de l'aviation civile.... read more

Bulletin info cyclone n°12 du 09/03/2018 La trajectoire du cyclone Hola devrait s'incurver vers le SE dans l'après midi et se situer sur Lifou dans la journée de samedi. Le cumul de précipitations pourra atteindre 250 mm. Sur Lifou les vents vont dépasser 150 km/h.... read more

Oceania » New Caledonia » Loyalty Islands Province » Lifou September 26th 2015

On the Isle of Lifou we went on the Melanesian Encounter Tour. This was very interesting. We drank fresh coconut juice, ate food that had been cooked underground and visited the chief's hut. After lunch we visited Jinek Bay and the old church. We walked up to the big cross, from which there were beautiful views of the ship and the Isle. I also did some snorkelling. The water was very clear. Our next and final Port was Noumea. We went on the Tchou Tchou Train - this fabulous little train took us on a city tour and up to the lookouts. Well worth doing. After lunch Steve and I were lucky enough to book on a Sailing Catamaran!!! We spent a gorgeous afternoon sailing around New Caledonia - a highlight for me. Happiness is skipping ... read more

Oceania » New Caledonia » Loyalty Islands Province » Lifou October 26th 2013

We had 4 days of port calls in a row and now we're on the last leg of our trip to Sydney which is our last port for this first portion of the trip and the first port for the second portion of our trip to Australia/New Zealand. We had no idea we were on two separate trips until we got on board, but that's the way it's counted. Now a lot of people are leaving the ship in Sydney tomorrow and a new group are getting on. We're going to miss our new friends Susan and Jon (from Canada) who were great about saving us seats for the nightly shows. We really enjoyed their company very much! All the islands we visited during the last few days were wonderful and gorgeous. In Vanuatu, we an ... read more

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