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Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahaa June 30th 2013

Dao Tahaa cach Raiatea 3 km. Co 4,800 dan song noi day tren manh dat rong 90 sq km. Noi day khong co phi truong nhu o Raietea nen dan chung o day di chuyen bang tau be. Nhu o Raiatea co hoa hiem nhat the gioi la hoa Tiare Apetahi con o day noi tieng ve Vanille. Tai day co xuong che tao vanilla. Dao nay con goi la vanilla island.Hang nam dao nay san suat 25 tan vanilla. Noi day du khach chung kien su ‘marrying’ cua Vanilla bang cach nguoi ta dung tay de cay hoa de Vanille co trai vi o day khong co con trung de mang nhuy hoa nay den nhuy hoa khac.... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahaa November 22nd 2011

Dinner last night was a ton of fun. Ralph is very outgoing, and as I mentioned in my last post I had shared some of my vodka with him, him and his wife switched to wine with dinner. The whole combination lended itself to a very fun evening. The pasta was excellent, conversation went to Italy for much of the evening. Discussing pastas and other exports, I shared my story of how I make my own Limoncello, the Italians were impressed with this; Nutella has been talked about every morning I think, and it came up again. The stuff is amazing, an another export of Italy. Wen had taken the dingy to the island and evidently tied one on with some of his boys, (when I woke up this morning there was a plastic beer cup ... read more
The Outlook is Good

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahaa July 23rd 1987

Geo: -16.6306, -151.491"There's a fine line between pessimism and realism." -Tom, on the probability of French girls being unaccompanied by French men. We slept late today! By the time we were up (8:OO or so), the sun was very bright. It was a clear day with little wind. Paul took a brief swim, and we discovered that the water was not as cloudy as it seems. At some point, we lifted anchor and began a leisurely motor with the jib only up the channel. The highlight of the trip was being chased by a group (school? pod? flock?) or dolphins by the airport. We counted at least ten at once. Then they disappeared as quickly as they had come.Outside of the Moorings, we hailed them and quickly got a pilot. We reprovisioned, showered, grabbed more books. ... read more
Twilight on Tahaa
Dinner, with view of sunset over Bora Boar

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