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May 27th 2013
Published: June 1st 2013
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On they way back from our last two dives on this trip (we made 13 in total) we saw a shallow place in the lagoon with some boats and people in the water. We found out it was a place where they feed the stingrays. On Bora Bora we made two dives where mantarays could be seen. The only island that we visited with mantarays. Unfortunately we never saw any of them. We had seen stingrays a couple of times earlier but never close up, so we quickly agreed we got to do this. The next morning we checked with the hotel and guess what? They offered jet ski tours to the site! Twenty minutes later we were on our way out.

The rays were very used to getting fed at this site so they came as soon as there were humans in the water and they quickly figured out who our guide was that had a box full delisious tuna pieces. They have their mouth on the downside and when the food is coming from the surface they used their nose on the top side to suck it in. The rays were not aggressive at all but some times a little too keen on getting the food so you had to push them away.

They are not slimy like fish as you could expect but soft and smooth. And they are very graceful in the water and you could cuddle with them as if they were pets. Truly amazing!

Of course if you throw fresh pieces of fish in shark waters you will also get sharks. Not the big lemon sharks but the smaller black-tip sharks got curious. They always kept a distance to us but they were quick to pick up any of the pieces that the rays missed.

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