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January 17th 2014
Published: January 17th 2014
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013. A 2nd day in Bora Bora.

Dee Dee and I get up and dress early and join others for a tender ride to the harbor where we catch an open-air bus for an island tour of Bora Bora. Lots of stops to view the scenery. The water is magnificent. It really looks more like a painting than like reality. My favorite stop is to see the island crabs. Large gopher-like holes dot the sand. Our guide has us throw hibiscus flowers out of the bus windows and suddenly the sand is filled with crabs. They tussle over the flowers. Getting a good grip they zip into their holes pulling the flowers with them. It’s so funny to see the hibiscus blooms being sucked down into the holes. Whish. They disappear. Our last stop is at Bloody Mary’s, a bar of some note to visitors to the island. Tikis in the yard. Sand lines the bar floor. Half the bus buys souvenir T Shirts. The rest buy drinks. Cheers.

The tender is waiting at the pier. Yay. Back to the ship in time for lunch. I try the avocado sandwiches. Delicious.

Something funny happened on the way to . . . lunch.

Mad Max’s wife came running up to Dee Dee, very excited. It turns out she’d met—Ta Da—another Jew onboard and wanted Dee Dee to know. She actually blathered on about it. We literally sat there with our mouths open. Didn’t know what to say. They are the weirdest couple.

The rest of the afternoon is spent writing, reading, napping. Another nice day in paradise. I take a break from all that resting to run down for Tea. The scones and cream are such a lovely mid-afternoon treat. Then I grab my camera and run to shoot Dee Dee who is playing water volleyball with a couple of the crew.

Evening. Tuesday, Dec 17.

It’s the second of two formal nights. I’ve only brought one dress, a short black number. But I brought two different jackets and two sets of stockings to dress it up. Dee Dee is joining her 9th floor smoking buddies for a late dinner. I could join them but I still have an agonizing cough and sitting with people who are steeped in smoke doesn’t have any appeal. So I dine at our appointed
Crabs' lunchtimeCrabs' lunchtimeCrabs' lunchtime

I loved how the crabs scrambled for the hibiscus.
time at 6 with my appointed dinner mates. This is the first meal I really can’t eat. Beef Wellington. One bite and that is it. I could order something else, but I’m really not hungry. I cough almost continually through dinner and it’s really exhausting. And Mad Max and his wife have joined us tonight and he manages to aggravate me. And it aggravates me even more that I let him aggravate me.

The big event tonight is the parade of chefs and servers carrying Baked Alaska. Everyone twirls their white napkins as the parade goes by. I skip the actual tasting.

Back in the room, I walk out to the balcony and glance up at the stars. The sky isn’t filled as I thought it would be. Well, it’s filled, but mostly with cloud cover. But there are still enough of the sparkling lights to be worth the look skyward.

And then I decide to join Dee Dee and her friends after all so I can get pics of the Baked Alaska parade.

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Crabs' lunchtimeCrabs' lunchtime
Crabs' lunchtime

They'd back down their holes then--whoosh--the flowers would disappear after them.
Bora BoraBora Bora
Bora Bora

This island seems more mountainous than others in the chain.
THE tourist barTHE tourist bar
THE tourist bar

Drinks flew out of the bar and T-shirts out of the shop at Bloody Marys
Water volleyballWater volleyball
Water volleyball

Dee Dee joined in for a game
Last formal dinnerLast formal dinner
Last formal dinner

Me from our balcony

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