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January 15th 2014
Published: January 16th 2014
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Monday, December 16, 2013. Bora. Boring. Never.

At the last minute Dee Dee and I decide to take a glass-bottom boat tour. I have struggled with the idea of taking another snorkeling tour, but I’m just coughing too much for open ocean snorkeling. I’m disappointed in myself for not trying but it’s the right decision. The glass bottom boat tour is fun. We see manta rays, eels, clams. A huge variety of colorful fish. Two hours on the ocean. Turquoise waters surrounded by lush green hills. It really looks like a painting.

I guess this is the place to add that the coral itself is sad. No colors. Bleached. Under attack like so many reefs in our oceans. Even the clams which are embedded in the coral are bleached.

Back to the ship about noon. Just in time for lunch. We eat at a huge buffet every day but I almost always eat the pizza. For some reason it’s about the only thing that appeals to me. Nap time.

Dee Dee and I have purchased a special dinner. The Executive Chef’s dinner. 12 of us meet, don white coats, and go down in to the galley where
Ocean PrincessOcean PrincessOcean Princess

From tender
we are served four different magnificent appetizers. Then we go to a restaurant where we have our own private table, cooks, and servers. And so many courses I lose count. The main course is a plate full of prawns, roast veal, and beef tenderloin. Served with a truly wonderful béarnaise sauce. The dinner lasts three hours and is served at every stage with champagne and wines. I just take the occasional sip, of course, but I can still feel it by the end of the dinner.

This is what a $100-a-plate dinner looks like. Chef's dinner menu: Spicy Red Chili Tuna Cocktail; Foie Grass on Brioche with Berry Jam; Bistro Mini Quiche; Orange Bacardi Lobster Panko; Asparagus Risotto with Langoustine and Lobster Claws; Strawberry Sorbet soaked in Grey Goose Vodka; combination of Prawns, Veal Chop and Beef Tenderloin served with asparagus and potatoes; Baked Camembert Cheese; Drambuie Parfait with Raspberries; and Truffles and Macaroons with coffee or after dinner wine.

From there Dee Dee and I waddle to the theater to see a comic from Canada. Very very funny. I have laugh-cheeks by the end of the performance.

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Bleached out coralBleached out coral
Bleached out coral

From glass bottom boat. Heartbreaking really.
Dee Dee and IDee Dee and I
Dee Dee and I

donned white jackets to go down to the galley for the first part of the Chef's table
Washing upWashing up
Washing up

All 12 of us participating in the Chef's table took turns washing up.
Chef Eric Chef Eric
Chef Eric

introduces the 1st of 4 appetizers
Tahiti Chef's table 2013Tahiti Chef's table 2013
Tahiti Chef's table 2013

Participants and crew after dinner. A very special night.

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