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August 22nd 2003
Published: August 22nd 2003
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Fiji DancersFiji DancersFiji Dancers

At the Fiji Cultural Center, dancers were performing their ritualistic dance.
Bula and Kava- the 2 works you must know when traveling to the islands of fiji!! Everywhere you go, the Fijians shout "Bula" including the McDonalds welcome sign. Thus, bula means welcome! Now, kava is made from the roots of the kava tree, which are crushed up and mixed with water. It appears as dirty water and actually taste the same as it looks. Though when drinking don't shout out "that's awful" like i did!

When drinking kava, you sit in a circle and the "cheif" dips half of a coconut shell into the bowl of Kava and passes it to you. Before receiving the shell of Kava, you clap once and yell "Bula", then you drink and clap 3 times once finished. Drinking too much could cause your body to become numb-don't worry we didn't drink to that extreme!!

Well, that's not all we did...the first day Brie and I took a cruise to maula maula island. It is very secluded and full of activities from snorkling to fishing. We snorkled and walked around the beautiful island taking only 5 minutes to do. We did spend most of our time sitting in a cirlce drinking
Coral CoastCoral CoastCoral Coast

This is the 4th most beautiful beach in the world! We were the only people on this beach in Fiji.
Kava and talking to the locals and our guide, Alex. Alex was probably the "ladies man" in Fiji but he didn't play cards too well because I won them all.

The next day we hired a taxi along with 2 other guys, one from England and the other from L.A. "Rom adventure tour"-next stop where ever he wants to take us. It was great b/c we went to a cultural park learning more about their heritage, which we were probably preached to more than we cared for. We also were able to visit a wild life park. Getting a little hugry, we went into Singatoka eating at Rom's favorite Chinese spot. We were able to get the locals' price for $3F; tourists have to pay a higher rate. Then off to the 4th most beautiful beach in the world. While Rome slept in the taxi, we tried to conquer the waves. The only people on the beach were just the 5 of us and it was quite beautiful!

On our way back, we tried some sugar cane...quite tasty! Back to Horizon Hostel where everyone was socializing, eating, and driking. Having only 2 days in Fiji, we
Brie and IBrie and IBrie and I

Taken in Fiji along the road while we were traveling down the coast of Viti Levu
covered a lot of ground. Good-bye Fiji...te-dunka (thank you)!
p.s.-may aol is back up!


12th January 2006

wow very beautiful

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