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July 12th 2009
Published: July 12th 2009
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Hi all,

Well we're already a week into our project and this is the first opportunity to get in contact with anyone. Its going so well.

Last week we arrived in Nadi after a very very long time on the plane and were met by the local guiding commissioner and also their international co-ordinator which presented us with these amazing flower garlends. We spent some time getting over jet lag and then travelled to a place called pacific harbour. From then on we have been to five schools and have just finished a leaders weekend training.

The school visits have been a lot of fun and the kids have been great. The leaders training was more challenging by just as rewarding. Although Fijian do like their packed programmes and early mornings so our saturday trainings started at 5am!!!! We trainned on many topics to do with their programmes and also guiding as a whole. We ended the day with a campfire which was awesome but didn't get to bed in our homestay until about 11pm - so a very long day!

The village we had our leaders training in was very isolated and traditional. Liz (NZ leader) and I had to go with the teachers to the village to meet the elders and have Kava with them. Once they had agreed to allow the trainig to go ahead i was told we now had rights to walk through te village and also fish in their river, so...... great 😊

As much as I would love to say the weather has been amazing here it rained all yesterday and isn't great weather today 😞 oh well, hopefully better weather to come.

This afternoon we go to Guide headquarters and then tomorrow we will leave at 4am to get a bus and then ferry to a northern island 😊

The team is really good and we are working with the new zealanders aswell, which is working really well.

GOLD leaders - I wish you all the best for your trips and I hope they are going well. x

Hope to have more stories before long


13th July 2009

Hello from Malawi, so glad that things are going so well. Malawi is awesome. Take care and speak soon. Big love to your team. Hope you loved Pacific Harbour. Rxxx
13th July 2009

Thanks Kez!
Thanks for the blog Kez. Glad to hear that things are going well. Love Dad.

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