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September 6th 2012
Published: September 6th 2012
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So the date today is the 6th of September. I fly out on the 24th of this month. What started with excitement is very quickly turning to nerves. I have one question that keeps running through my head. "What have you gotten yourself into?". I don't even like going down the street on my own. Yet, i am about to embark on a 6 week adventure, to a foreign country, ON MY OWN! I have never stood up in front of a crowd and spoken, and i despise being the centre of attention. Yet i will be a teachers assistant in a local kindergarten. This, to say the least, will be a real test of character. Hopefully, this will be somewhat of a character building experience. Building up my self-confidence, hell, confidence in general. Or maybe i don't give myself enough credit. I was there for 6 weeks and i did make a friend who i am still talking to. So really, i am not alone, he has my back if i need it. I do tend to make friends quite easily, and from there it is full steam ahead. Upon further pondering, i think i will be fine. I worry too much. God help my children when or if i ever have them.

But once i get all that worrying out of the way, i am super excited! My fijian lessons are going great! Thanks to my wananavu (awesome) teacher Tarisi. Hopefully that will give me an upperhand, understanding some of the language. Time will tell i guess. If anything it helps break the ice. She thinks that i will fit in fine. And being Fijian herself, i should believe her because she knows what she is talking about. I can't wait to share my experience with her when i get back.

As for the whole packing deal - winter has only just ended. I have no idea where my summer clothes are, whether they fit and if i even have enough. Money is so tight these days i don't even remember the last time that i bought myself clothes. Thank goodness for the help of my mum, i don't know what i would do without her. Although, she could do with less worrying. "Are you sure it's safe? Do you have emergency contact numbers? I want you to check in with me at least once a week so i know you are ok. Have you had your shots?" Really, i could go on all day.

Something more exciting though, i found out who i will be staying with. There will be a husband and wife, with their daughter who is in high school. Their son i believe has moved out of home and works in the sugar industry. I remember logging into the page and reading it. I know it is strange, but i was so excited that all i wanted to do was stand there and literally just shake. I had excitement goosebumps. I rang mum, i was so excited and talked so fast she barely understood a word i said. The only thing she did catch was when i was telling her i was so excited i wanted to shake.

So, i am aware that this is meant to be a travel blog, not just a tell me all your feelings before you have even left blog. So the next one, i will be over there and ready to share my experience. And i will remember to attach photos, i forgot in my first one -.-

Over and out *cccsssssshhhhh*


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