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Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu April 23rd 2018

Blog 32 Part 1: Dravuni Island, Fiji, April 21 ,2018 – Weather forecast: intense sun in morning leading to partly cloudy skies with a chance of rain; humidity 90%, temperature 28°C, wind 17kts (5 Beaufort) Our anchorage today was off the Dravuni Island. The island is less than two miles in length and lies in the Kadavu Island group of Fiji. There are only 200 inhabitants on the island who happily welcomed us ashore to go swimming and snorkeling in the surf or walk up one of the volcanic peaks for a stunning 360° view of the crystal-clear sea and surrounding islands dotting the horizon. I took the tender ashore so I could do that hike to the top and it was well worth it. Part 2: At Sea, April 21, 2018 – Weather forecast: partly ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu November 17th 2015

The wind finally settled down, the sun came out in full force, and Mango and I got to experience a 'typical' day on Ono Island. Typical here is a relative term, as we started our day in the calm clear reef just off of the resort, then traveled about a mile south to the nearby village where over half of the Resort's staff and their family live and were about to celebrate their children's graduation. Snorkeling was very chill. We kayaked about a half a mile from the shore and then donned our masks and fins. It was a little uncomfortable getting in the water since we didn't really know what was down there, but as soon as I faced the ocean floor, Bob Marley started playing in my head, "three little birds, sits by my ... read more
Dancing in Narikoso

Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu November 16th 2015

Another beautiful day waking up to the sounds of the water crashing along the sidewall, with the dull roar of ocean rumbling along the Astrolabe reef, which is visible along the entire horizon as though a tsunami was being held back from coming any closer to shore. When we first arrived, I mistook the rumbling sound for a jet, but we haven't seen or heard a plane in days. We haven't even seen a car or a road, as everyone on Ono island and nearby Kavadu Island get around by boat. Between the lack of major transportation and the lack of communications devices, Mango and I find ourselves with loads of extra time to do anything or nothing at all. Though at some point, we normally like to do something. Today, we took an hour boat ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu November 15th 2015

Another breezy morning, one that Mango would come to terms with in an intimate way hours after breakfast. Today was our first activity day: SCUBA diving the Astrolabe Reef. The ride out to our first spot was choppy. Somehow, Dee, our Divemaster, spotted a manta ray and told us to get our snorkel gear and slide into the water for a peek. Even before I could hand Mango her mask and snorkel, she was feeling queasy and looking a light shade of green. But being the trooper she is, she grabbed the mask and hopped overboard, eyeing the 8 foot visibility, which almost entirely appeared as a deep purple with a bottomless floor of murky sand. We swashed around for about 10 minutes but didn't see anything. Dee kept pointing into the abyss and swimming around, ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu November 14th 2015

It usually takes Mango and me about a week to really settle in to vacation mode. We do a couple of activities, drive around and explore beaches, partake in local cuisine, the usual. For some reason, and I've not thought too hard about this, we're ninety five percent of the way there already. I noticed when I conga line danced my way from our Bure to dinner tonight. It just felt right. Our day started early. At an undisclosed time, the sun started to illuminate the silk curtains tied to the windows of our Bure. The silk, flapping from the ocean breeze, only appeared as an accent, like the flick of a fountain pen across a signature line. It was still too dark to make out the rest of our room. No matter. I wasn't about ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Kadavu November 13th 2015

I wasn't sure how quickly I'd want to start journaling again, but after fewer than four hours on Ono Island, I've already received quite an impression, not to mention every opportunity anyone could ask for to reflect and slow things down. The 35 hour travel bender started Wednesday at 6am, proceeded with a 9 hour sampler of Los Angeles' King's Hawaiian BBQ and Hermosa beach, an 11 hour flight into Suva, and a 6 hour layover before our final flight into Kadavu. The 15 passenger plane, occupied by 3 locals, 2 pilots, mango, and me, looked sturdy enough at first glance, and reminded me of the same plane I took from Kathmandu to Lukla (thought I told Mango I took a similar plane from Seattle to Vancouver. Not long after that thought, were told due to ... read more
Boat to Ono Island

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